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  1. Ohmess

    Front transmissin seal

    You might try contacting the guys at DriveGear. I haven't used them for tranny work, but I recall discussing their transmission rebuild service with them several years ago when I rented a car to give spec e30 a try. Not sure what happened to their web site, but they are on facebook at...
  2. Ohmess

    Relays in the '74 electrical circuits

    Bo -- when fog lights are installed, power for the high beam runs through the fog relay. If the fog lights are not switched on, power goes from the fog relay to the high beam relay. If the fog lights are switched on, the fog relay toggles off the power to the high beams and sends it to the fog...
  3. Ohmess

    1973 E9 3.5L engine Weber carbs need additional ignition advice

    Check too the flying fuse on the power side of the fan. It is a separate wire running from the battery through the nose past the fan to the relay. I had corrosion in the fuse holder.
  4. Ohmess

    Parasitic loss -- and battery recommendations

    Hi Lowell -- Not sure I can point you to specific trouble areas, but I will point out that if you seek to narrow down your problem, make sure you take note of the power distribution components of our fuse blocks. If look at this fuse block, unswitched power is distributed across fuses 4 and 5...
  5. Ohmess

    Triple Webers and brake booster fit?

    Just fyi -- this is probably not relevant to Mark's original issue, but Ray Korman makes a tstat housing that has a kink in it that provides slightly more room for the installation of Webers. I am using one of Ray's tstat housings and a Korman intake manifold.
  6. Ohmess

    Critique the condition of these spark plugs please

    Pretty. Very pretty.
  7. Ohmess

    Craigslist BMW Finds:

    I was thinking this might be a fun project if I could get it for $2,000. It went for $8,000!
  8. Ohmess

    BAT 1970 BMW 2800CS 5-Speed Baikal Blue over a red leather

    I left my ashtrays black for contrast, but this guy with the red console, shift platform and shift boot was obviously not into contrast.
  9. Ohmess

    Several unconnected connectors under the steering column...

    Bo - Basically, when you put the car in reverse, the backup switch sends power (subject to the ignition switch) back to the backup light bulbs and a ground at the rear of the car completes the circuit. If I am reading my 1974 wiring diagram correctly, the green/white wire is the power side...
  10. Ohmess

    Some notes on the 123ignition distributor install and a cool new curve

    Steve -- cold start actually works pretty well for me. Idle speed still drops, but not as much and she will continue to run and warm up without the need to babysit the pedal.
  11. Ohmess

    1973 AC conversion Compressor Issue

    Yeah, pickman, between the heat and the occasional oil bath, the bushings in the original brackets tend to deteriorate. If its working for you now, I would consider that a temporary fix and seek another bracket. I bought one from Bob (or maybe it was Robert?) at Ice Auto Air...
  12. Ohmess

    Hagerty on CS value increase

    If I were seeking to buy an e9 and found a 2800 CS and a 3.0 CS in exactly the same condition, I would not expect there to be any difference, let alone a $25,000 difference, in what I would have to pay to acquire either of the cars.
  13. Ohmess

    New Member SF California

    Hi Bruce -- Welcome. Plan now to get to Legends of the Autobahn, it is pretty close to where you live. I have been twice with my car and it is a fantastic event.
  14. Ohmess

    The IKEA effect and the lack of a Rule Book

    We do this because passion keeps a man young. Several years ago, I posted here inquiring about why I should acquire an e9. Here are some the responses: Duane Sword: For me the E9, is *the* coupe, not just a two door European car. I distinctly remember seeing an E9 when I was 15 years old...
  15. Ohmess

    Hagerty on CS value increase

    Yeah baby!!
  16. Ohmess

    WTB. Pulley for PS pump

    I think I have one Bo. Will check and report back.
  17. Ohmess

    Targa California 2019

    Mr. Iron Butt, doing his thing.
  18. Ohmess

    Aston Martin Zagato.... wow

    Love the old Aston Martins; saw this baby at Lime Rock last fall:
  19. Ohmess

    A/C Wiring Issues

    Hi Chris -- two things: check the resistance of the fan motor. Your problem may be in the armature wiring of that motor. If you are using the stock fan, I have one and could provide a reference value for you (and you can have it if you want it). I would be interested in acquiring one of the...