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  1. bluecoupe30!

    The IKEA effect and the lack of a Rule Book

    Well, since we are "sharing" already noted, this group has certain, well, characteristics. And when one of us is reaching out and is looking for " the meaning of life" as regards to the time, money, space, obsession dedicated to completing what they deem a required activity to finish...
  2. bluecoupe30!

    What did you do to your E9 today?

    Drove it like my DD. :) What a luxury! My usual tank of a DD, my E39 Touring, is in my barn getting some attention. Weather here is optimum, 21C, sunny. chance to get out there and answer unlimited questions about what car this is. Running excellent, feeling especially lucky! No rush to get...
  3. bluecoupe30!


    I have this same wheel off of a 3.0Si, built 11/1975. Available if anyone needs just 1.
  4. bluecoupe30!

    Montreal GP, here?

    Enjoyed Mark Webber's tweet : "Any of the stewards ever race at the front of an F1?"
  5. bluecoupe30!

    My "work in progress"

    Nice detail, looks almost "modern". Now I think I want one! ;)
  6. bluecoupe30!

    Critique the condition of these spark plugs please

    In no way an "expert" but colour is "in there" carbs are a nuisance to others, but so much fun to the rest of us. 1 US quart/2000miles, hmmm is this different than previously? In my experience oil consumption varies with revs, speed, not just miles travelled. Perhaps you have had more fun than...
  7. bluecoupe30!

    New update

    Thumbs up. Great work. Appreciate your "skill set" ;)
  8. bluecoupe30!

    Huntington Beach Concours

    Nice video. How did you place and align the Coupes? Spacing looks laser beam accurate! ;)
  9. bluecoupe30!

    BAT 1973 BMW 3.0CS 5-Speed

    I know, I was watching this, like many of us, but the last 20 minutes or so were quite thrilling! I was happy I was not bidding. ;) Love the Baikal, but I guess you knew that!
  10. bluecoupe30!

    2002 get together

    You bet :)
  11. bluecoupe30!

    FS: Glove Box Door (poor shape) - $25 + shipping

    Well, if the photo had a Peter C "chick poster" + the velocity stacks, there is no telling WHAT I would have paid! But I know, right now, some are thinking, dang, I sure could have used that button with the ridiculous springy thing and the pin that attempts to hold everything in place. Lucky me :p
  12. bluecoupe30!

    FS: Glove Box Door (poor shape) - $25 + shipping

    I will step up Markos. Will send pm. Thanks! Mike
  13. bluecoupe30!

    2002 get together

    Hey Rick, Perhaps I had the wrong date, but I thought you had selected 9 June. Even this Sunday, if that is what you are worried about, looks fine too. This Saturday, I am off to a British Car event in Langley in my Healey 3000. Supposed to be hot! Still hope to connect with your "open house"...
  14. bluecoupe30!

    1969 2800 E3 - Bringing The Turd back to life!

    Me too, perhaps change to "Scheibe" Sounds less offensive, well until you translate. Up to Dan ;)
  15. bluecoupe30!

    E9s @ Luzern Messe

    Stunning! Thanks for these photos. Why is the licence falling off of OW1262?
  16. bluecoupe30!


    mine is mounted in a '72 CSA but it looks to me that there are 2 brackets that mount at approximately 2 and 10 o'clock. Then there is a mount at 6 o'clock. Don't know if this was ever the way your fan was situated, but it may give you some ideas. Photos attached :
  17. bluecoupe30!

    High pitch whine comes and goes above 30mph...

    Hey Bo. These are all great suggestions, and I hope you solve it soon and report back. But I wonder, could this be the "Call your Mother" alarm that sometimes goes off in our heads when we are just about to take off on a tour or vacation or similar? Just wondering. :rolleyes: Mike
  18. bluecoupe30!

    Where Can I Buy E9 Hood Insulation?

    I covered the engine with a sheet, used a plastic paint scraper and some wax and grease remover on the decomposing hood insulation adhesive, and took my time. Like most jobs on the E9, the patience part is most important. ;)
  19. bluecoupe30!

    Starter question

    Exactly, when I did just that, I first practiced with a spare on the bench so that I could see the actions needed to complete the hooking of rod to lever. Then when actually performing the task, I could picture where I was at and how to manoeuvre the solenoid to make the correct fit. As I say...
  20. bluecoupe30!

    Starter question

    I'm thinking solenoid too. My Coupe has twin Webers and I have been able to just remove solenoid and replace it with starter still in there. Fiddly, but can be done. Good luck!