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  1. Christopher

    CSL Barnfind

    A seldom seen (aftermarket) sunroof and vinyl roof on a CSL
  2. Christopher

    Wheel balancing

    Good tip Autokunst - thank you
  3. Christopher

    Wheel balancing

    My alpinas are carrying some serious weights on the internal rims to balance the tyres. So much so that I'm loosing one or two from time to time, as they lose their adhesive on a non flat surface. Is there any remedy that can be applied to the wheel itself ?. I've previously had them...
  4. Christopher


    I have one that i have restored. PM me your email address and i'll send images
  5. Christopher

    Rear Diff Refurb company UK

    I had these chaps do mine, and can recommend
  6. Christopher

    WTB upper part of door seal left

    I'm looking for a new / unused seal for the top part of the door frame only - left hand side.
  7. Christopher

    UK (close to London) body shop recommendations ?

    You really don't want to use Little Compton garage. Take it from someone who has ....
  8. Christopher

    Sold: Vent Windows - $100

    You're too kind Markos If you could let me know the length of the stud, and at what point the washer is placed, I should be able to knock one up myself
  9. Christopher

    Sold: Vent Windows - $100

    Thank you Markos - that's most helpful. I can't imagine it's going to be easy to track one of these down. Might you be able to let me have some measurements if it is to hand ?
  10. Christopher

    Sold: Vent Windows - $100

    I've got an issue with the gap on the top of my door window, and a snug fit of the vent window frame (which allows wind noise into the car) I understand that the adjustement is via the bottom fixing on the rail of the vent window, which can move it in counter-clockwise or out, clockwise. The...
  11. Christopher

    How's that then???

    That's not fair to Jaymic. They are an always have been helpful and reliable. They might not be able to compete with W&N based on the volume of their sales. That doesn't make them greedy ...
  12. Christopher

    Metal Fabricator or CNC Cutting

    I use Bluntray engineering, who are just around the corner from Colonnade in Wembley
  13. Christopher

    Never seen one of these before.....

    As fas as I know they were standard in all coupes, however they have often been lost during restoration or have succumbed to the ravages of time. RHD just had the one in the passenger footwell. The other smaller one in the LHD model acts as a rest for the left foot. This isn't possible in RHD...
  14. Christopher

    Never seen one of these before.....

    RHD models have this only on the passenger side (LHS) - it goes at the front of the footwell and is for 'comfort' - a rare part to find
  15. Christopher

    Best tar pads I have seen.......

    Unusual location for brakefluid resevoir. RHD models have this to the right of the fan, by the chassis number stamp. Maybe a LHD - RHD conversion ?
  16. Christopher

    (UK) Distributor wanted for 2800cs

    Available from BMW - part 12111265314
  17. Christopher

    (UK) Distributor wanted for 2800cs

    Why not just buy a new base plate ?
  18. Christopher

    WTB E9 headliner material,

    How does the thickness compare Don ? - have you installed in a sunroof model ?
  19. Christopher

    Steering Box Rebuild - UK

    I had mine done by Steering Specialists in Wakefield. They dont have a website but can be contacted on 01924 267999 They turned it around really quickly for a cost of £250 inc - happy to recommend