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  1. tmason

    Petri fanaticism

    Thanks Dan!
  2. tmason

    1974 BMW CSE

    Amazing work! Now lets go AWD :)
  3. tmason

    KHM Headliner

    I talked to SMS this morning and I'm sending them a sample to see if they have a match. They don't have our cars in their system. Marco sent me a sample of KHM and I sent him a sample on mine original.
  4. tmason

    KHM Headliner

  5. tmason

    1974 BMW CSE

    Love the progress! Last Sunday on Sunday Morning they had a special on Classic Cars going electric ,your project should of been on it!
  6. tmason

    KHM Headliner

    Hi Alan Would it possible for you to send me a small sample? Thanks Tim
  7. tmason

    WOW, BAT 73 Fjord Auto

    72.5 sold 26.5 in the last 12 minutes
  8. tmason

    WOW, BAT 73 Fjord Auto

    With this photo Rob I'll re access my number to 70 and not sure on word easily. It looks to have had more than just fender replaced?
  9. tmason

    WOW, BAT 73 Fjord Auto

    Right year,right parts included with good history. I think it will go around 100k easily?
  10. tmason

    4310316 begins

    Sorry to hear this Alan. As far as a sell,not to many buyer in that price range for a non-runner. IMHO
  11. tmason

    Hood shocks instead of the factory torsion bar.

    This is a bracket I made that hooks around the flange and clips to hood hinge at top of my hood so I don't worry if it will slam shut in a slight breeze.
  12. tmason

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed Malaga

    This one is going to be fun to watch!
  13. tmason

    Has anyone ever..

    I made a clip that goes around the hinge and bracket so when placed it won't let the hood slam shut in the wind or just sitting there. PM me your phone number and I can text a picture how it works.
  14. tmason

    WTB or Christmas Presents Welcome - 1973 Stock Chrome Exhaust tip for my 1973 BMW Bavaria

    Pm my address yesterday. Thank you again!
  15. tmason

    Ebay 3.0csi ends soon

    No worries Ian. It will be back for sale in Beaverlyhills for 26K
  16. tmason

    Coupe spotting

    Just watched the special on JFK Jr and spotted a cs parked.
  17. tmason

    400 Petri

    Might be a win-win Clinton? The wife's car can have her spot back in the garage :)
  18. tmason

    400 Petri

    Sold Thanks Ian
  19. tmason

    400 Petri

    I like it Markos and I agree but just picked up a 380 from Hans that the wife doesn't know about yet? And for what it's worth this is all Stevehose's fault. If I hadn't seen his wheel I would of never known how they fit our cars so perfectly :)
  20. tmason

    400 Petri

    Hi I have a 400 Petri in good shape with some pitting for 375.00 with No Hub. Thanks Tim PS I can text pictures.