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  1. marcus

    Aluminium front trim

    Just in case you are looking for new trim, got this response from BMW Classic Shop a couple of days ago! If everyone emails saying they want more trim perhaps they will get a move on, (ALL contact emails I have are below!).
  2. marcus

    Aluminium front trim

    … and none have! Thanks, anyway.
  3. marcus

    Aluminium front trim

    Thanks, I have emailed them all!
  4. marcus

    Aluminium front trim

    Thanks teahead, I will try BMW Atlanta. The chrome grille is great. I did read on a post somewhere that a gut had his aluminium sprayed and then brush-finished them (I guess with wire wool or scotchbrite?) and then clear ceramic coated.
  5. marcus

    Aluminium front trim

    I am in the UK. Thanks Sandhu
  6. marcus

    Aluminium front trim

    Thanks, I will look out for the pics! Mark
  7. marcus

    Aluminium front trim

    I have a 1973 BMW E9 CSL that I am restoring and unfortunately the front "waistline" trim is damaged, so I need a new one – and what-do-you-know BMW Germany just sold out!!! IF ANYONE HAS ONE (or two!), I will pay top dollar. Thanks, Mark
  8. marcus

    Original CSL lightweight front wings wanted

    Erik at CoupeKing has, but $4-5000.00 each
  9. marcus

    WTB: original BMW E9 spare key in silver (BMW/Pebra)

    Ben at CSI has them. "CSi Inc." Website:
  10. marcus

    Looking for Chrome Bumpers for my 74

    What 'bout these…
  11. marcus

    E9 donor for rust repair panels

    Hi, I would be interested in the osf wing if it is not too rusty and unwarped – I am in uk.
  12. marcus

    CSL wings rhs

    I have a 1973 Taiga Green BMW CSL and desperately need a couple of parts to finish my restoration. I am looking for new or good secondhand metalwork for my car (can be for regular CS also), specifically: 1) Front right hand fender/wing - BMW part no.: 41 35 1 827 756 2) Rear right hand...
  13. marcus

    Wanted - offside front fender and rear quarter panel

    1973, Taiga Green BMW 3.0 CSL.
  14. marcus

    Coupe King Staggered 16" wheels-set of 4 for sale

    Hi, BP1. I am very interested in your wheels, if they are not sold I would like to buy. Can you ship to UK and if so how much please? Thanks, Mark (