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  1. Drew Gregg

    no reserve '73 CSi at Barrett-Jackson NorthEast auction

    All black, lowered reso-mod with an airdam suitable for winter driving in the NorthEast.
  2. Drew Gregg

    CSI project on BAT

    Here's where you "Bring a Trailer"--no reserve auction for a blue interior CSi. I predict that Markos will set the record for # of comments on a BAT auction.
  3. Drew Gregg

    Golde wind deflector reproduction - AVAILABLE AGAIN

    I bought Stan's deflector last year for my '72 2002 I've owned since new. Then I bought the Coupe with a sunroof last December. Getting the car sorted at The Creative Workshop near my home in Ft.Lauderdale,I saw they were restoring a '79 Porsche with the Golde deflector. After they got my...
  4. Drew Gregg

    Fjord Coupes for sale at Hemmings

    Considering the recent Coupes that sold on BAT for $80K + with the 5% commission added to the hammer price,look at the following:
  5. Drew Gregg

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed BAT Fjord Blue

    Does that mean you have owned 50 supermodels???
  6. Drew Gregg

    Also WTB a new trunk (boot) carpet

    Keshav--What is cs-Werke web-site's link? I need to locate some other parts he might have. thanks, Drew
  7. Drew Gregg

    WTB: Brass E9 / E3 Expansion Tank

    Radiator tank looks good. Let me know how much for one. I just bought a new cap for my plastic one. Thanks!
  8. Drew Gregg

    FS: 1974/75 Blaupunkt Frankfurt Stereo

    Price to USA ? I have the DIN opening 7" wide by 2" deep.
  9. Drew Gregg

    FS: 1973/74 Blaupunkt Frankfurt Stereo + Matching Booklet

    how much? I'm in Florida, USA zip 33328 Thanks, Drew
  10. Drew Gregg

    ac blower switch repair

    Thanks for the info. Just talked to the previous owner who told me the switch only worked on "High" while he had the car.---Drew
  11. Drew Gregg

    FS: Marchal 660 fog lights, soft covers, Shift pattern transfers, Parts, radio,

    I see the square hole with the light. Does the prism extend out from the column? I'll have to wait until dark to see if it lights up the ignition switch. That little light is only on with the headlight switch on. And I never turn the ignition on with the headlights already on
  12. Drew Gregg

    WTB A/C control switches

    Chris--The fuse box had a 15 amp blown fuse instead of the correct 25 amp blue fuse. Now the center stack is apart while they rebuild the fan switch.
  13. Drew Gregg

    WTB A/C control switches

    Chris--will check the fuse at the shop tomorrow. Then we need to find out why the circuit blew a fuse in the first place if that's what happened. I don't have a decal that shows the fuse box circuits. Thanks for the info. Really hot sitting at traffic lights in this hot weather.
  14. Drew Gregg

    WTB A/C control switches

    Thanks for the instructions. We'll take the switches apart and see their condition. The fan switch has not worked correctly since I bought the car in December. Yesterday I was driving with the fan on High. I touched the new driver side front window switch and the A/C fan stopped along with both...
  15. Drew Gregg

    WTB A/C control switches

    Thanks, John. We need to see what's right or wrong with my switches first.--Drew
  16. Drew Gregg

    WTB A/C control switches

    Thanks, Markos. I will show the info to The Creative Workshop. We need to see the condition of my switches before getting other items.
  17. Drew Gregg

    WTB A/C control switches

    My A/C is either off or on high-speed fan only. The temp control does what? I might need both controls that work correctly. "Winter is coming" on GOT. Well, here in south Florida, summer is coming and I need that A/C to work ASAP !!!! Both switches are hard to turn and were probably not...
  18. Drew Gregg

    NMNA: 16" BBS RS wheels

    The 16X7" BBS one-piece wheels I bought for my Coupe were painted and polished and look like this with 205/55 ZR16 Michelin Pilot Sport A/S tires. The car was lowered and this set-up has no rubbing problems now that I can really drive the way that Korman engine was designed to run... The 2nd...
  19. Drew Gregg

    Never seen that before!

    I installed alum. trim rings in my 2001 X5 E53 many years ago. Made the dash look much better. I don't see where this EBay seller has them for the E9.
  20. Drew Gregg

    16” Alpina wheel set-staggered- refinished

    I already have lowered springs from Ireland Engrg. Should I buy these front plates for my 16X7 " one piece BBS wheels with ET11 and 205/55ZR16 Mich. Pilot Sport tires?