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  1. Alice Couper

    WTB the fiber board panel that the headliner attaches

    I just bought one from Carl Nelson a few weeks ago. He may have more. There has also been one on eBay recently...
  2. Alice Couper

    Dash and more

    How will leather hold up in the sun over time, compared to vinyl? I am thinking of re-covering the dash in leather instead of vinyl because it's easier to stretch and work by hand. I went down to Just Dashes because they are 10 minutes away, and Jeff said a rebuilt vinyl dash will outlast the...
  3. Alice Couper

    a couple headliner questions

    What material did you use between the headliner fabric and the ceiling, as shown in the photos? Is is a soundproofing or a heat shield, or just a foam insert?
  4. Alice Couper

    WTB; 3.0CSI Front Strut bodies

    Is Double 02 Salvage still in business? I called them yesterday but the number was disconnected. A Google search hints they are closed. Any info?
  5. Alice Couper

    WTB: Dash Parts and '75 Rear Arm Rests

    Gruppe: I have finally sorted through all my parts since rescuing my coupe from the body shop. Some parts have disappeared in the 15+ years since I dismantled my coupe. Somehow 3 dashes disappeared, but the wood pieces mostly survived. The miracle is that so much stuff survived multiple...
  6. Alice Couper

    Channel felt- replacement product

    Thanks Gary. Product description says it comes in 96" strips. Is one strip enough for all window channels, or is it better to order 2 to be sure?
  7. Alice Couper

    WTB: Header Panel (Interior)

    Does anyone have one for a non-sunroof car? Mine disappeared in the 16 years since I dismantled the coupe. Any condition is ok because I will be re-covering it. The attached photos are from a sunroof car, I think. I need a non-sunroof. Thanks.
  8. Alice Couper

    long NLA now available at BMW again

    Here is is on W&N's website. For some reason I was talking to Carl about it around 2002, and mentioned that it was "metric firehose" from Germany...not sure if he was pulling my leg.
  9. Alice Couper

    16” Alpina wheel set-staggered- refinished

    Question: I'm running Carl's lowering springs up front, and I've heard you need to roll or cut fenders to accommodate Alpina staggers. Any insight?
  10. Alice Couper

    FS: 1972 Bavaria Parts or Project Car in Seattle

    Out of curiosity, why doesn't it run? Is it terminal?
  11. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    DB Couper is the OG and the inspiration. I wasn't dashing enough to be "Gary Couper", and don't like the Brewers or the Astros, so it couldn't be "Cecil Couper." Special thanks to @Markos and @dang for helping me change the name so I didn't have to start a new account.
  12. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    Hello everyone. This project is about to start again. I will start a thread on the restoration page--there is a lot to cover since it began in 2001. Stay tuned.
  13. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    Gas tank renovated Here are a couple of shots with the rehabbed gas tank in place. Once you start restoring, you can't stand the idea of bolting beat-up 40-year old parts back on to the like-new shell! @oneills--I did fill in the rear reflectors (and the front amber ones under the turn...
  14. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    Arde--Yes, it is single-stage paint. I will get the product info for you. I will add a couple of shots with the renovated gas tank in place.
  15. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    I'm back... Hi all, My on-again, off-again restoration is on again...and actually making some progress. See photos. I decided to go with Verona and I'm very happy with how it is looking so far. The car has been primed and the engine bay and trunk have been painted with a preliminary...
  16. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    The car was originally Sahara, with tobacco interior. The first photo in my first post on this thread shows the original color. Because it's a bare-metal restoration, the car is now in primer and has not a trace of Sahara. I've collected a complete cream-colored leather interior, though...
  17. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    Thanks Arde. So to be clear, the photos show Dave Crawford polishing the paint from the 90's respray? The result certainly is nice.
  18. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    Glad to hear Coupe King is still working on the Verona Carlin Coupe. I will have to go up and check it out. Was checking it out on the website earlier today, looks great. A couple of photos attached below. Also a link: And we can add...
  19. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    Kfrito> how long has it been since you painted your coupe? Do you expect the color to hold up? I like the color but I'm worried about oxidation/fading with all of the red tones.
  20. Alice Couper

    Verona, Granada

    Thanks Chris. Is Wayne out on the west coast with his Verona coupe? Coupe King seems to have a couple on his website also. And yes, I'm no longer in that one-car garage in Laguna Beach. Actually down in San Clemente now, with a 2 car garage that is nonetheless stuffed with coupe pieces.