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  1. CharlesJ

    Petri 38 cm e9 wheel for sale

    For future reference, wheel came in exactly as described, and Frank was great to deal with!
  2. CharlesJ

    WTB 3.0cs wiring harness

    I will have a perfectly good complete harness for sale in a while, but have to verify that I don’t need it first, which could take 2-3 months. Depends on their timeline of this would work. I have also seen kits to recreate new e9 harnesses, but that would require a fair amount of work and an...
  3. CharlesJ

    Wanted: CSI airbox - mounting bracket

    You may have an easier time making one than finding one. The plate is fairly simple, and they are extremely hard to come by as someone would have to pull it off a parts car. Even the CSi airbox is difficult to source. Took me 6 months to find one, though luckily I already had the bracket, though...
  4. CharlesJ

    71 BMW 2800CS FL $15.5k

    Likely already spoken for but if anyone is looking here, call and get on a plane! Mostly rust free nice body for under 25k is a winner.
  5. CharlesJ

    Oldenzaal Polaris resto 72 CSi, $100K

    Looks very nice, and probably right for the money. It does not however look like a complete restoration as noted, and does not look like they took it back to bare metal in a number of places. Would not say it looks low quality, just not a full restoration. Then again, a full restored CSi would...
  6. CharlesJ

    Parts Assortment

    Made some update, still several items available
  7. CharlesJ

    Steering wheel ID needed

    Looks to be a Nardi Classic or imitation thereof Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. CharlesJ

    FS: Hood & Trunk Badges

    I’ll take them. Sending pm Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. CharlesJ

    Easter Offer: Petri 38

    I’ll take it if sale does not go through Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. CharlesJ

    1971 in dallas NMNA

    They sent me pictures of the restoration a while back on this car. While I appreciated the transparency, it was scary. Correct level of work for the very cheap price, but it falls under the category of doing more harm than good to me. I don't think anyone on this forum would want to be anywhere...
  11. CharlesJ

    How to refinish center console aluminim trim

    Thanks all...the anodizing was really the question. Was not sure if it was this or some other finish. Looks like I will be pulling together a large batch of parts to get anodized.
  12. CharlesJ

    How to refinish center console aluminim trim

    Working on cleaning up the shift surround and the two aluminum strips under the window switches have a few blemishes. The trim appears to have some translucent finish, so curious if there are any recommendations or how-tos for refinishing these pieces
  13. CharlesJ

    Parts Assortment

    Updated some prices
  14. CharlesJ

    Parts Assortment

    Made some updates
  15. CharlesJ

    Parts Assortment

    PM sent
  16. CharlesJ

    W&N Grilles now available

    I noticed that too, but when you put them fin to fin, the dimensions are the same. Just a visual trick of some sort. The only variation was angle and starting point of where the fins get deeper. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. CharlesJ

    W&N Grilles now available

    Just received mine. Initial assessment is they look solid and good. You can distinguish from Oem in that the contour of the fins on the backside is slightly different. Not sure how visible this will be once mounted, but it may mean the the fenders grills do not follow the indent in the metal as...
  18. CharlesJ

    Parts Assortment

    PMs sent to both of you with details
  19. CharlesJ

    Parts Assortment

    Clearing out a few parts: All pictures here, some items not yet pictured: Upper dash very good condition except one very small circular crack, very minor cracking near the vent area, and the passenger side tip/end is broken off and missing (last...
  20. CharlesJ

    W&N Grilles now available

    Order mine the other day, tracking shows them as getting here on Friday. Will report back if I am the first to get them. Also will have a full set of decent but faded silver ones, and brand new in bags OEM black ones for sale. As for which came on which VIN, the book I looked at had that info...