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    Targa California 2019

    Nice. Driving them in this weather soon dries them out.
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    Montreal GP, here?

    Or, Vettel back Lewis into Charles Le Clerke to see if he could get past for a Ferarri 1st at the cost of Vettel.
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    Montreal GP, here?

    Max did ok. Plenty of debate over the 5s penalty and the crowd were not so happy.
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    Montreal GP, here?

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    Montreal GP, here?

    There are more noisy cars in the streets of Montreal than the track! Great fun.
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    Removing a dogleg from a 635?

    Thanks for your help Mike and Marcos. The car is being scrapped and the trans going back to the UK. Diff is tbc and I have no idea about the engine condition, will need a rebuild for sure.
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    Removing a dogleg from a 635?

    My friend in Upstate NY has a 635 which he is breaking, well it is breaking itself from rust. Any advice on getting the trans off? It currently sits on a car transporter trailer which has 2 sections for the wheels and nothing between, it won’t roll. Is it best to split it at the bell housing to...
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    Montreal GP, here?

    Hi guys I have have met up with a friend who lives in the US and we have taken a trip to see the GP in Montreal. Any E9ers here? Want to catch up for a beer and chat? Best wishes Charles
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    Edges of fan are torn up and radiator not looking to good.

    Could it be that something got into the fan, and it was that which got thrown around and damaged the fan and radiator? Last summer I hit a squirrel and got some funny noises for a while afterwards. I saw the squirrel in my rear view mirror so it came out, but perhaps it had a friend with it who...
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    Is there a way to control adjust the accelerator "curve"?

    Fantastic model and video, well done Markos. Bo, no need to 3D print, with a drill and a file you could make one. Perhaps use CAD to get the correct shape. In this instance, CAD is Cardboard Aided Design
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    Oil Filter Change

    Thanks De Q, a few more secrets out in the open. Soon we will all have engine bays that look like yours
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    Oil Filter Change

    So De Q, I am asking for a few of your secrets How did you clean up the manifold so well? I tried to do mine this weekend and did not get it anything like as clean as yours. Also, is there a trick to spill less oil on the engine when you remove the manifold? Whilst I did not spill a great...
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    Hi from Dubai - BMW E9 3.0 CS

    RandomPunter...! Can you tell us what you plan to do about air con, these cars are hot enough in the UK so I wonder if you will do some extra upgrades for Dubai. Perhaps you. will do the opposite to if you lived here and only drive it in the winter. Enjoy the car and welcome to the club.
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    1974 3.0 CS Electric

    Mane I would like to see and read more about your project to convert a CS to electric, please keep posting. Wishing you all the best with the project and the thread!
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    Zenith's Idle Suddenly Too High.

    With an injection engine an air leak will cause the idle to increase, i assume it is the same with carbs. Manifold or carb gaskets, lose bolts, cracked manifold etc. Worth a look?
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    FS: Coupeking Staggered "Alpinas" - EUROPE

    These 16 inch dia say that they have tuv. Not saying that they are right, wrong, good, bad etc. Just worth a look.
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    Stiff clutch pedal

    Sounds like it is sticking, mechanically or hydraulically. If there is noise I guess mechanical so start there, but before you drop the gearbox I would check the hydraulics. Good luck in finding the issue, when you do it will most likely be simple. I had a brand new car like this, the dealer...
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    E3 E9 Water return pipe

    Jaymic sell these, can’t remember how much I paid for it. A very worthwhile part to replace if changing the flexible hoses as the steeel pipe corrodes if the antifreeze levels were once incorrect. It is tricky to do, but not impossible with all the key engine components in place.
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    W&N Grilles now available

    Chrome would look great against a dark colour car, or with the black sticker behind them. However, how do we keep the chrome clean? Spare polish would look a mess and I cant think how to get the last of the polish away from the black sticker after cleaning the chrome? Any suggestions from the...
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    CSL equipment in the boot

    Have I been missing something for the last 40 plus years, as I am wondering if anyone ever used the wheel chock / small triangle? I think that it is overkill. I try to find somewhere flat, use the park brake /handbrake and never jack both rear wheels off the ground. Assuming your modern car...