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    Rear carpet question


    Rear carpet question

    The tapered one is the passenger front but shown upside down in the

    Some notes on the 123ignition distributor install and a cool new curve

    Didn’t notice any difference but that’s a good thing since I was very happy with the way it was running. Maybe the plugs will burn cleaner though?

    Some notes on the 123ignition distributor install and a cool new curve

    I changed a couple of points on the curve at lunch time and will see if I notice any diffence at the first few traffic lights while its warming up on my way home today. 500 20.0 1000 15.0 1500 25.0 2000 30.0 2500 34.0 3000 36.0 8000 36.0

    Also WTB a new trunk (boot) carpet

    Drew, The website is: But you should also email Chris. Wish I had known, I have a shipment on its way from him right now. Doug

    Some notes on the 123ignition distributor install and a cool new curve

    I have the wireless 123 and do not know how to save a screenshot for the curve on the dashboard on my phone app. 500 15.0 1300 15.0 1600 24.0 2000 30.0 2500 34.0 3000 36.0 8000 36.0

    Some notes on the 123ignition distributor install and a cool new curve

    I’ll give it s try this weekend. I have my idle set at 1000 so I don’t have to keep blipping the accelerator pedal at stop lights when the A/C is on. I currently have a curve that is somewhere between the original curves you and Chris had posted. That curve really smoothed out the engine and...

    New update

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    eBay granatrot

    in natural light
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    Video Reuniting 3.0 CS with Original Owners

    Great video all around! It also helped me decide to go with BMW center caps when I switch back to 14" alpina wheels vs the alpina caps.
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    Passenger footwell foam block!!!

    Here are some pics for reference that have been posted on previous posts. I bought a replacement drivers side foam from cs-werk.
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    Niki Lauda passed away

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    High pitch whine comes and goes above 30mph...

    Speedo cable rubbing against the sheathing?
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    Nightside table

    Decided to go with the Pirelli’s. Will mount them on the 14” Alpina’s for the drive up to O’fest. The low profile looks good on the modern BMW but going back to the period correct “big fat tires and everything “ I noticed the pics of the recent barn find CSL also still had these tires.
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    Andrew Wilson's '73 CSi

    Does Athena get treated to a transport to CA this time?
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    Cleaning an original e9 Headliner

    I have used soft scrub successfully before but that was when my interior was out to install new carpet. I also used to use whitewall tire cleaner on my 2002 years ago. Both have some bleach so you would need to cover/ protect your seats, carpet, dash, and parcel shelf.
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    Some parts from long storage.

    I have no idea what you are talking about. 2 original wiper arms in Ohio, only one original wiper in Indiana, no wiper arms in Missouri, replacement 2002 wiper arms in Colorado (thanks to help from Andrew and VSR).
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    71 BMW 2800CS FL $15.5k

    There is a show/episode on Motor trend TV below: LONG ROAD TO MONTEREY follows the work of Jason Wenig and his team of automotive artisans at The Creative Workshop north of Miami, Fla., as they, not only restore the 1921 Kissel Gold Bug, but also ready an extraordinary 1966 Ferrari 330 GT...