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    FS.E28 and 630-633 Blue Binders

    Band 1&2 E28 blue binder set $150 plus shipping. Band 1 630-633 blue binder $60 plus shipping.
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    Seeking some NLA parts

    Can someone please send a photo of the ignition surround. I have so many small parts and clips, etc.
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    Flag vs. trapezoid mirror ?

    I have a driver's side flag mirror in driver quality condition with plastic gasket for $60 plus shipping. Request photos.
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    For Sale: Center kidney grille

    Seems like a great deal.
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    Need Help.

    Anyone know where I can get a few of the chrome flathead screws that hold the curved outside chrome trim of the rear quarters? Seems to be a slotted head. I need to purchase a half dozen. Thanks
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    Channel felt- replacement product

    If anyone is putting in an order I would love to get one. I somehow lost one. Thanks
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    Where Can I Buy E9 Hood Insulation?

    Thanks Chris.
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    Where Can I Buy E9 Hood Insulation?

    I was told that the car that I was looking to put the insulation did not originally have it. Not sure how to find out. Thanks for all the info.
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    Where Can I Buy E9 Hood Insulation?

    Looking for hood insulation for my Son's 2000cs. Most likely same as E9. Also looking for he very thin rubber strip that goes under the chrome exterior trim on top of the door and rear quarter panels. Thanks in Advance
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    FS. Cl. Listing 1972 Cs Back Glass

    Thanks Markos.
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    FS. Cl. Listing 1972 Cs Back Glass

    Not affiliated. Listing for a 72 CS back glass. Spokane Wa. Could be rear wind screen, not sure. $200. Cl. Listing #6856573664
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    FS.2000 Sedan and 2500,3.0S,3.0Si Parts

    I recently purchased these three parts from SFDON for $40 plus shipping wich together came to around $96. He was donating the $40 the Forum. I have no need for any of th he three pieces and anyone who can use them can make an offer which will go as a donation to the Van that I along with my...
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    FS. E28 and 2500 Taillight Sets.

    I have two sets of E28 taillights and also have a set of 2500 taillights and a set of 2002 roundies. $100 plus shipping for a pair of any of the three sets I have.
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    FS. Neue Klasse 2000-2000C & CS. Manual Pedal Box Complete

    I have a rare manual pedal box taken from a 2000CS selling for $200 plus shipping. I also have the top section of a steering column with the ignition switch from the same vehicle selling for $150 plus shipping.
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    Problem with steering column

    BMW of S. Atlanta lists the part for around $14.
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    Problem with steering column

    So is the last photo with the 32.2 the correct part? It's strange that realoem lists the part number ending in 50054 only for E12,E21,E23. Also says it supercedes part number 32311106604. Is the part you need for an E9?
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    MY Mother, My Hero

    Just purchased a 2016 repairable Ford E350 15 passenger van and waiting to transport. Donations are slowly coming in and greatly appreciated. Thanks to all member who donated. Harry
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    FS. 4 Pc. Panel Set with Map Pockets Reduced

    No trim strips. Marina blue in nice condition.
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    FS. 4 Pc. Panel Set with Map Pockets Reduced

    Price reduced to $400 plus shipping. All four pieces with map pockets included.
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    Free stuff - fair condition - free shipping

    PM sent.