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  1. Mal CSL 3.0

    FS: Windsplit decals

    Keshav your E9 is just perfect! I always find it strange that BMW emblazoned a number of their decals with a such obvious part numbers. I just bought one of these gear change decals but cut off the part number (maybe a mistake). I wonder when the cars were new did the decal have the part...
  2. Mal CSL 3.0

    Also WTB a new trunk (boot) carpet

    Thanks Keshav, BTW do you (or anyone) know if RHD CSLs originally came with or without the trunk box? My RHD City Pack doesn't have the box (and no evidence it ever did), but not sure if it was like that from new or the box has been lost along the way since 1972?
  3. Mal CSL 3.0

    CSL Barnfind

    Very nice correct stitched CSL Petri + hub, and looks in surprisingly good nick considering rest of car. That’s min £3k worth alone.
  4. Mal CSL 3.0

    CSL 1mm Holy Aluminium Number Plate Restoration

    Mine is the light weight aluminium. (It was also pristine until my last visit to a repairer/body shop when it came back dented, hence the decal)
  5. Mal CSL 3.0

    Another oil thread

    So just refilled my MT with MTL which is great, it’s a little quieter and smother than what I had in it before - job done. For my engine - my mechanic, who races classic European Cars, swears by Kendall (SAE 20 W 50). So I went with his reco. Have since had input that I should ideally only...
  6. Mal CSL 3.0

    Inka '73 @ Aussie museum sale

    Hi Frankie, they seem to have removed the sold prices off their auction website, but all the videos are still up on their FB site.
  7. Mal CSL 3.0

    Inka '73 @ Aussie museum sale

    In breaking news, this Inka sold at the museum auction on Sunday for Aud $99k + buyers premium. Seems a good price for a CSA.
  8. Mal CSL 3.0

    Some parts from long storage.

    Wow what a treasure trove you have! Is that green cover owners handbook still available? And how much? I (will PM u)
  9. Mal CSL 3.0

    2800CSA Restomod in Oz

    Another forum member recently shared this with me. You may have seen it but if not it’s veey informative re sill construction:
  10. Mal CSL 3.0

    2800CSA Restomod in Oz

    Great choice to go with the black and red (not sure it is exactly black or a very dark blue, but looks amazing) Can't wait to see (and hear) it.
  11. Mal CSL 3.0

    1972 3.0 CSL For sale in Australia

    Hi Markos, Importing is not a cheap or easy proposition in Aus. Used to be easier in the past, but new taxes and regulations on older cars have made it unattractive..... $$$ at every turn now. Not only does Govt. tax add about 25%+ to purchase price (luxury vehicle tax, stamp duty, import...
  12. Mal CSL 3.0

    Also WTB a new trunk (boot) carpet

    Many thanks, but I only want a brand new one (bit ocd unfortunately). As suggested I will probably make up a template and take it to an upholster to get this boot section custom made. Since it seems most of the existing ones FS have the storage box cutout.
  13. Mal CSL 3.0

    Also WTB a new trunk (boot) carpet

    Need a brand new rear trunk carpet for my RHD 1972 E9 (ideally black coloured carpet). I didn't have any success with Ebay sellers (I don't have the side storage box in my trunk so need a carpet without any cut out). I also don't want a full carpet set, just need the trunk piece. If anyone has...
  14. Mal CSL 3.0

    RHD E9 Auction - the results are in

    We also have historic numbered white on black registration plates that can still be renewed/displayed annually. In 2017 NSW number “4” sold at auction in Australia for Aus$2.45 million. The same purchaser also owns NSW “2” (which is on his Ferrari) which is estimated to be worth Aus$3+...
  15. Mal CSL 3.0

    RHD E9 Auction - the results are in

    Thanks Keshav for the extra photos. I just noticed it doesn’t have a small BMW roundel middle of the boot duck tail spoiler. I guess it must be factory spec not to have that? I also notice in the actual CSL brochure it’s pictured without it. Interesting because I have also seen a lot of CSLs...
  16. Mal CSL 3.0

    RHD E9 Auction - the results are in

    Whilst some may disagree, specific colours can add big premiums to E9 prices. E9s with some of the amazing metallics like Turkis, Taiga, Tundra, Ceylon, and if original paint, always seem to sell for about 30% higher prices and sell faster. I have not seen a more beautiful E9 than this one at...
  17. Mal CSL 3.0

    Inka '73 @ Aussie museum sale

    I inspected this car. In addition to observations already mentioned above I also noted: - Has a faulty auto shifter (there was a hand written note scrawled on it when I viewed, since removed in photo) - The passenger door sits out by 5-10mm. Needs adjustment. - Missing boot roundle I know the...
  18. Mal CSL 3.0

    G'day from Sydney

    That’s a very cool collection you have there. Would be great to catch up again. What part of Sydney are you in btw, as I once saw your car in Brookvale? Also a few of us Sydney E9ers meet up at the St Ives shorground event first Sunday of the month. The April meet is actually also on the BMW...
  19. Mal CSL 3.0

    Minor windshield crack

    Apparently the threshold for repairing a windscreen crack is up to 6”. Longer then this and they need to replace. Repairing also avoids the risk of damange to rubber and silver trim, which has a high chance of happening with a full screen replacement.
  20. Mal CSL 3.0

    BMW E9 Rims size advice...

    Just my opinion but I would avoid 17" as the diameter looks a bit extreme for an e9. I think 16" are the best diameter for a more sporty look. Here are my 16" (yes I know they aren't BBS). 7" and 8" staggered. ET11 and ET24 I run 205/55/16" on front. I find there can be very slight rubbing if...