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  1. Wes

    71 CSi Project in BaT

    I suspect all three of us are right in a manner of speaking. The main difference as I see it is out here is the low number of cars in the first place probably inflates the price relative to the US/UK. Somebody on here might even have an idea on how many E9s are actually out here. Only guessing...
  2. Wes

    Vintage E9/Porsche Scheel Seats

    Markos you need to get a hobby mate. Oh, wait a minute... :D
  3. Wes

    71 CSi Project in BaT

    Interesting. My observations obviously have a very Australian flair. Over here E9s are quite rare in any condition compared to 911s, which you practically trip over. That said there was a point a few months back where I think there were 10 for sale here in varying condition. Mind you that's for...
  4. Wes

    71 CSi Project in BaT

    That's what I was saying, probably didn't make it clear. An owner/restorer with could probably make the numbers work on this. Simply dropping it off at a restorers and letting them handle it all it probably wouldn't work. Plan B would be to buy it cheap, keep it dry and wait a year or two and...
  5. Wes

    71 CSi Project in BaT

    I've said this before but you can laugh now but in the not too distant future people will kick themselves for not grabbing this at the right price. Demand only has to stay the same for the price paid for coupes of all conditions to continue to rise on account of limited supply. The same is true...
  6. Wes

    WLTB CSL steering box

    I might have a spare column that came with my CSL. As for the box I got one from W&N. Suggest you email them.
  7. Wes

    The IKEA effect and the lack of a Rule Book

    I suppose you think that's funny :D
  8. Wes

    CSL Barn Find 2285251

    Everything is out of the car now. No sand but finding garnet beads in all manner of places :D Had hoped to find some loose change to help pay for all of this but no luck..
  9. Wes

    UK Gp2 3.5 CSL Batmobile Build

    What a cool thread, love what you are doing. What did your car originally start out as?
  10. Wes

    CSL Barn Find 2285251

    Been a little while since I posted on here but that doesn't mean I haven't been busy. The car is now in primer. Not sure I like Simon's roll cage though. All of the major rust and body work is now done. The car is nothing short of a unicorn. Simon found almost no filler in the car apart form...
  11. Wes

    QUESTION FOR THE GROUP - Regional forums? - ANSWERED!

    I can help with the Tasmanian one :D Can invite myself to the next get together of my two coupes.
  12. Wes

    over the new image of the forum

    I love this. Has anybody considered the irony of wanting to celebrate D-Day on a German car forum :) Bit like the UK celebrating the 4th of July. Thought this thread needed some levity..
  13. Wes

    over the new image of the forum

    I'm eternally grateful to the Forum, members and administrators for so many reasons. While I appreciate some people don't like change or struggle with new technology there is a world of difference between constructive and destructive criticism. If I got 'lost' on the new site or something...
  14. Wes


    I might be interested in the gear box. How much work involved in changing out from a 4 speed.
  15. Wes

    Seeking some NLA parts

    I might have a spare surround. There are two versions from memory.
  16. Wes

    CSL Shockie specs

    On my never ending list of parts for the CSL I need to replace the shocks. Sticking my head in the rear wheel well she looks to be running Koni's. These have been on the car since 1983 when she was laid up. Looking at replacement options this week. Looks like their is a Bielsten rep in Sydney...
  17. Wes

    Underpaint suggestions

    The CSL is dropping the sub-frame in the next week or so as the project moves to the next stage. My question is what colour should inside the wheel arches and underneath the car be? At present it looks like a factory rubberised stone guard on the floors (underneath the car) and the same in the...
  18. Wes

    For Sale: Center kidney grille

    I'm assuming this is gone?
  19. Wes

    72 CSi rotisserie restoration

    You need Ray Bans just to look at it now :)
  20. Wes

    Front Axle rubbers?

    I'm not going mad. My CSL has one, looks like it's the 17mm version. Is this standard for a CSL? According to one post on here RHD CSL's don't usually have them fitted. is this the case? What about LHD cars?