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  1. Mike Goble

    Front transmissin seal

    They are listed by size. If I read this correctly, it a 30x42x7 seal, similar to the National Oil Seal part # 30x42x7 sold at O'Reilleys...
  2. Mike Goble

    1970 2800CS Alternator

    I use an AC Delco CS-130 for my Bavarious. It's 105 amps, inexpensive, bolts right in and is very easy to wire up.
  3. Mike Goble

    Removing a dogleg from a 635?

    It's been my practice to split the tranny from the bellhousing. Once that is done you will have much better access to the bell housing bolts.
  4. Mike Goble

    Transistor info needed on Motronic ECU

    Who could forget Sidney Darlington...
  5. Mike Goble

    Getting started on my E28 rear axle swap

    I used the stock E28 trailing arms with the dogbone.
  6. Mike Goble

    Getting started on my E28 rear axle swap

    Mine is an E3 so the entire rear axle bolts right in. To put one is a coupe would require quite a bit more work.
  7. Mike Goble

    1969 2800 E3 - Bringing The Turd back to life!

    I have a couple of top-bolt filters if you want one. I have one without the check valve and 2 with the check valve. I think the old style filters use the housing without the check valve.
  8. Mike Goble

    Saw a 73 for sale in Malibu

  9. Mike Goble


    It's Gods way of telling you to get off your phone....
  10. Mike Goble

    1972 BMW Bavaria - $9800

    Damn! Am I missing something here? 10 large for an automatic Bav that "starts and stops"? Shirley Eugest...
  11. Mike Goble

    Stuff that works...

    A friend of mine sent me this link to a cover of an old Guy Clark song, and I identify very closely with this guy - I have stuff that works...
  12. Mike Goble

    LSD help needed

    I was going to refer you to Timothy Leary, but he seems to be gone...
  13. Mike Goble

    opinion on lifts

    6'1" is tall enough...
  14. Mike Goble

    4bbl conversion

    Here's the big problem with using a square bore carburetor like the Holley in the picture. The flow into the manifold is going to be severely disrupted by the casting configuration. I'm making an adapter plate for a Q-jet for my 4-bbl setup, and the barrels match up very well.
  15. Mike Goble

    Is there a way to control adjust the accelerator "curve"?

    Air flow through a throttle blade is basically a square root function. 1/4 open gives you √.25 on the air flow, which is about 50% . 1/2 open is about 70%. We used to use characterizing cams on the air flow controllers we built for boiler controls. You could develop a gas pedal with an...
  16. Mike Goble

    Is it possible to insert new foam pad between transmission shifter and tunnel?

    When I stick a new pad between my shifter and my tunnel I use Depends...
  17. Mike Goble

    What did you do to your E3 today?

    I put a GPS speedo in mine a few years ago. Velcroed it to the top of the column and it reflects off the face of the cluster. It works great and when I change rear gears I still have an accurate speedo. This picture shows the mechanical speedo error with 3.25 gears.
  18. Mike Goble

    What did you do to your E3 today?

    Pretty much what I do every day - drove it. Up to Yuba City for a ballgame, out to Eldorado Hills for a ballgame, etc...
  19. Mike Goble

    38/38 Carbs

    I have dual Chinese knock-off 38/38's on my M30B35 and they work very well. The throttle response compared to the 32/36's previously installed is quite a bit better due to the fact that you are opening all four bores simultaneously I use the stock jetting with one size larger idle jets.
  20. Mike Goble

    E3 on Ebay doubles in price...

    I've been to a few but it seems like a long way to drive given the price of gas. Most of these events are out east of Sacto, 60+ miles from my house. I went to a cars & coffee event in Vacaville Sunday but I seem to be way out of touch with what passes for an interesting car these days. Lots...