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  1. steve in reno


    I just took a e24 fan off and looks to be the same. It is for sale
  2. steve in reno

    Eberspächer gas heater

    I had one in my 1972 VW bus. Did the job, and the bus needed it!
  3. steve in reno

    Help Finding the Member

    Don't fit in my E24. Strange that bmw, or ?, would not make them to the correct/ same size. Also, not very ergonomic to use.
  4. steve in reno

    Original BMW E24 5-speed Dogleg Gearbox M30 The Ultimate Upgrade

    from the pics I believe it has no mech speedo mech. high price for unknown trans quality???
  5. steve in reno

    Diagnosing no-start

    It has many wires and may connect to the flasher.
  6. steve in reno

    Koni shocks?

    I have yellow Koni's on the rear. They still work well. Gas struts in the front. I see Bilsteins listed on many complaints of body failure at mount rear top, on the forum. Perhaps too high a compression rate, not enough travel?
  7. steve in reno

    Warning triangles

    The triangles were German traffic law in the 1970's. I was stationed there at that time. Only military vehicles were exempt.
  8. steve in reno

    Almost done

    Car is looking good. That tool box is a great find, and looks perfect. I am sure it runs as good as it looks.
  9. steve in reno

    WTB Console Switch Cover

    the round pins switches were used on all of the e3's I ever stripped. But I believe they were socket not individual. I replaced all (4) of my old style individual blade switches last year, for less than $100. shiny
  10. steve in reno


    Or. You could move to Reno, Nv. The average humidity level in summer is less than 20%. And has been in the less than 10% several times in the last month. It has rained twice since mid July. No mold
  11. steve in reno

    Noisy ZF / transmission options

    My cs had a zf originally. I agree that it was THE best shifting trans I ever have driven. It also became very noisy. I had it rebuilt in 1984 so you would think that the parts would be easily available. NO. There is a flaw in the mating of 2 gears that face to face mesh together, not geared...
  12. steve in reno

    New Solexes

    I had Solex carbs on my first engine. Very good and strong. Better than any weber or zenith. Great mileage also. It always seemed interesting that there was never any mention on the forum about Solex carbs. They would be a good purchase.
  13. steve in reno

    so, what kind of garage flooring do members have / recommend?

    If my garage looked like Gransin's, that would be my home. I just painted a topper in my garage and the silhouette of the drop clothes shows.. Have been thinking of doing this recently. Good to know about the use of the flakes, because I drop everything. So, if you do EPOXY paint, use a traction...
  14. steve in reno

    Cross Country Auto Transport

    Bob, you didn't give the shipper. I have a friend that is needing to bring a 1972 Mustang from upstate NY to Reno.
  15. steve in reno

    A little bragging

    A beautiful car for sure. congrats on the win. And in the rain
  16. steve in reno

    1967 Dodge D100 Shortbed

    I had a 1968, 318ci, dash lever auto,> i Put in the same trans yours has a hi-lo 4 speed. Crap for mileage, but the 318, will run forever. Strong truck for a 1/2 ton
  17. steve in reno

    Chroming grills from Speedway

    John. If you have a plastic platter, there are many on our forum that could use there services. My cost when done was less than Steve's. More on the $150 total for all grills, 2 fender sets and 2 hood, and several sets of the armrest tops. But that was in the last century! I realize that you...
  18. steve in reno

    Chroming grills from Speedway

    I personally have never seen a BMW metal side or hood grill. I had mine vacuum plated in the 1990's. They have been on my car ever since and the plating is in excellent shape. Done by Chuck's Plating in BC Canada, long since closed and out of business. Many have researched for a new platter for...
  19. steve in reno

    WTB: Silver or Blue 3.0CS $25k. Live in Vegas

    you are late to the party with a $25k purchase. they are out there, with many lookers.
  20. steve in reno

    I want this e9 skateboard deck!

    Havent ridden a skateboard since the mid 60's. They are much nicer now. Pretty, and pricey, wall art. My grandsons would be uncontrollable to not be able to ride it. And physically injured if they did! AND NO, I am not going to "sidewalk surf " my tender age.