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  1. inovermyhead

    Horse Hair?

    An upholsterer told me that you can still get the horse hair bases for Mercedes seats for the old ‘ pagoda ‘ coupes and they can be adapted / cut to fit.... I never followed up on this as I’m still tossing up doing a full recover of my patinaed seats but it may be worth checking out with MB...
  2. inovermyhead

    New radio

    Ah, thanks Chris, I’ll bear that in mind if I decide to use them, although given the numerous differences between my car now and how it left the factory I think any concours judge or originality geek would have walked away in disgust long before they got to the interior.... Cheers. John
  3. inovermyhead

    Art of Racing in the Rain

    Enzo, our 5 year old Dalmatian and named after the dog from the book
  4. inovermyhead

    New radio

    ChromeLondon supplied the silver knobs as the correct vintage spec BMW ones so I’m a little confused as to whT the difference between them is. I think that as deQ suggested I will wait and see how it all looks once I have console, gauges and radio together ( waiting on the gauges as I am having...
  5. inovermyhead

    1972 3.0 CSL For sale in Australia

    We had a guy come and give a talk to our local classic car club last year on the asbestos issue and the new importation laws, evidently any fibrous gasket is considered to contain it and some sound deadening products as well are considered suspect. If the car has drum brakes or early discs they...
  6. inovermyhead

    New radio

    So guys just got my new radio from ChromeLondon it’s a Blaupunkt Frankfurt and came with two sets of knobs, wondering which way to go.... Cheers. John
  7. inovermyhead

    Art of Racing in the Rain

    We named our dalmatian Enzo after all reading the book, you just need a bit of a stiff upper lip to get through the first chapter. Looking forward to the film. Cheers. John
  8. inovermyhead

    2800CSA Restomod in Oz

    Sorry got the date wrong. It’s at theSt Ives show ground on April 7, hope to see you all there. John
  9. inovermyhead

    2800CSA Restomod in Oz

    Looking good John, looking forward to seeing it at St Ives meet on Sunday 03/04 along with a few more coupes out for a bit of a spin in the autumn sun, and possibly at bit blast out to West Head or Palmy. John
  10. inovermyhead

    Long shaft

    Long shaft ??
  11. inovermyhead

    72 CSi rotisserie restoration

    What are you thinking for the interior? I like the colour on the door too...
  12. inovermyhead

    Shifter console woes

    Thanks Don, I already have a short shifter installed but not sure where I got it, possibly from La Jolla with the rest of the 5 speed parts although I’m not sure what the original part was sourced from. Of course it may be possible to shim up what I’ve got and would be simpler than trying to...
  13. inovermyhead

    Shifter console woes

    Anyone got this problem, I have a 5 speed o/d box with reverse up and to the left, selecting reverse puts so much stress on the console that for the second time it has parted company from the vertical panels. I recently remade the verticals from plywood as the old original chipboard ones were so...
  14. inovermyhead

    Show and shine fails

    Hi Mal, Very odd judging this year, even with new paint and hours of polish and wax I only managed 7/10, same with the interior, new carpet new head lining several leatherique treatments again only 7/10 and this after ‘ best in show’ last year....., now I like an e30 as much as the next guy but...
  15. inovermyhead

    Interior Question #2

    When I got my KHM carpet set they sent a cut piece for the rear parcel shelf, so if you don’t use it you’ll have plenty of spare for filling the gaps around the seat base, and I hunted down some thin vinyl for the other areas.
  16. inovermyhead

    speedo / clock repair

    Scott, I realise it’s a long way away, Howard’s Instruments in Melbourne fixed my speedo a few moths ago, both odometer and speedometer needed fixing. They did a good job and from memory it was around A$230 turned around in about three weeks. John
  17. inovermyhead

    All German Auto Day Sydney

    6 e9 coupes represented today not a bad turnout
  18. inovermyhead

    Well yes officer this the “sporty” model....

    Hmmmm, fat chance here, compassion and humour bypass mandatory
  19. inovermyhead

    Old methods to modern......

    Sorry, but what’s the point in owning one of the most beautiful old cars in the world if you only do 200 miles a year in it, there meant to be driven, I would do 200 miles to a track day or a weekend away with my wife. Get out and drive it. My two bobs worth.
  20. inovermyhead

    Rubber "fillets " for console tray.

    and door handles ...