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  1. Marc-M

    CSL Restoration

    Oh and you have to pre stretch the aluminium first in the English wheel - so it does not distort...
  2. Marc-M

    CSL Restoration

    The way I would do it - is to use the bead roller, and change one of the rollers for a skateboard wheel. This allows you to run a bead over another and not destroy it. I have not made them yet but have taken a card template off a CSL - i will make then as it easy, I can always run an extra set...
  3. Marc-M

    72 CSi rotisserie restoration

    Outstanding work.... how did you get your cast aluminium looking so shiny??
  4. Marc-M

    CSL Re-Birth - Sydney

  5. Marc-M

    CSL Restoration

    The last week or so I’ve been trial fitting the two inner wings. I have been lucky and managed to buy an old new stock RHS inner wing (a beige paint) that was made in 1982. The LHS was still available direct from BMW. (black paint) First, I must point out that the construction of the old 1982...
  6. Marc-M

    What else have you built/are you building?

    Dear Seth The E9 is not an easy car to do a full nut and bolt restoration, the main issue is the body, so go and buy the best low rust car you can – but also a complete car as well. The problem as you will be aware is E9s were designed to rust before they left the factory…. But if you can find...
  7. Marc-M

    The Raven e9 project

    Looks like we both have 3 year old cars! Its a long haul restoring them correctly, but the best way of looking at it... we must be mad..... good job my wife is ok with me going most nights into the workshop...for how long she will put up with it, I don't know!!! Its also a good job I like...
  8. Marc-M

    Bennyz Rod Shop Restoration

    In the UK we have a web site that tells you how many are either on the road or SORN ( Statutory Off Road Notification) --that means in garage off the road and not taxed for the road. There will be a few more that are hiding away but... When I put the BMW in, we have in the UK CSL 73 left of...
  9. Marc-M

    Old original BMW panels Vs new BMW panel pressings

    Just wondering if anyone else has found that the old BMW panels – they are painted in grey and are a much better-quality pressings and fit better? I have two new inner wings –one was an original BMW NOS 1982 panel RHS inner wing and is painted grey, the other LHS inner wing is a new original...
  10. Marc-M

    What would you pay for a pair of high quality reproduction tail light frame/lens

    I have.... To get the lens out I used an air grinder ( like a Dremel) with round end TCT bit in, and ground off three sides - the top and the two sides on each of the of the lens , however the indicator lens you need to grind off the curved bit...- you will see the excess of plastic that holds...
  11. Marc-M

    Phrase you'll never hear: The rust isn't as bad as I thought

    The foot well looks to be half decent condition ... can the rot be cut out and new small sections let in , you will not need to spend money to buy the W'N pan - and will save you come cash... I wish my car had that little rust!
  12. Marc-M

    dismantling solutions.

    I found on the web a few years ago a trail on making your own penetrating oil, and I found a blog with a chap making his own.... using 50% ATF and 50% , I went out and got a 5l drum of Acetone and a 5 L of ATF fulid - total cost £40.00 for 10L...- so works out nice and cheep - I only mix what...
  13. Marc-M

    W n N Doorskins and rear wheel arch repair panels?

    Hi - I see you have bonded the top of the doors as well - I have not done that to mine because when I took them to bits they were not bonded, however it could have been missed when it was built. Is this normal? however, if its not, I see no reason why I should not bond them like you... I think...
  14. Marc-M

    W n N Doorskins and rear wheel arch repair panels?

    Fitting the skin is the easy part, but you do need a few different hammers as getting into some of the areas to hammer down you need a head that is off set, you can’t get a normal hammer in some of the areas. See...
  15. Marc-M

    CSL Restoration

    I have finally started fitting the two ends into the existing bonnet shut panel. There is quite a bit of curve shape needed to match to the existing panel, and I have managed to get it something like using the planishing hammer, but still needs a bit more work. Screwed the two repair ends...
  16. Marc-M

    CSL Restoration

    Yesterday my pressing parts turned up for the bonnet shut panel (again I don’t know what its really called) All made out of 5mm steel and cut out to the same sizes as the original apertures give or take a few mm! these should make the repair panels look a bit more factory! I could have used a...
  17. Marc-M

    CSL Restoration

    Building up the nose cone is turning into quite an epic task. I have made and welded in the 1st section for bottom together with the radiator mounts, and now as it’s a stable section I have screwed all the panels together to trail fit. Just as well, it all screwed together quite well, and...
  18. Marc-M

    Interior Question #1

    I will follow you guys regarding all differing strengths etc. Living in the north west of the UK where everything is green, cold and damp most of the year - normal HT works a treat - Now Phoenix Arizona is the polar opposite to the UK - would love to go there and have a good look round the...
  19. Marc-M

    Interior Question #1

    If you use contact glue in a car ,you must always use HIGHT TEMPRATURE versions - most contacts work in the normal temp range - but cars to get hot and will turn the glue to goo.....oh, and spray contact is rubbish for HD sticking... this product is great...
  20. Marc-M

    CSL Restoration

    Thanks guys for the photos... I have manage to get a CSL to come to my home on Sat and I then can make a few templates.... looking forward to seeing it and being taken out for a drive - never been out in a CSL I hope im impressed, if not all this work for nothing!