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    'for sale' or free, 1974 3.0S (Bavaria) parts

    Had a nice conversation with John yesterday; thanks for the liaison work.
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    Craigslist BMW Finds:

    Hope that price includes the rug...assume that's how the car got into the garage. Bring a Trailer does sound better than Bring a Magic Persian Rug, however.
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    eBay granatrot

    Very nicely done.
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    WTB: Dash Parts and '75 Rear Arm Rests

    Sent you a PM...
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    Seeking some NLA parts

    "IsettasRus" has sets of the carpet clips, top and bottom, for other folks information...
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    Ford vs Ferrari Official Trailer

    They finally made a movie for ME?
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    Video Reuniting 3.0 CS with Original Owners

    Great job Matt! Great idea, and execution. Look forward to the video of the trip to Montana...:D
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    WTB - Rear License Plate Center Piece

    Are you looking for the earlier chrome-plated brass, or the later anodized aluminum? Seems like they changed when the 3.0 came out, but I'm working from memory, so not really sure...or does that matter to you? I probably have at least one of each...
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    1972 BMW 3.0CS 4-Speed Project BAT

    If you had never seen pictures of the car, for $26K you would expect Muenster, not a good price indeed. The comments on BAT were much less disparaging than I would have expected.
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    FS: Glove Box Door (poor shape) - $25 + shipping

    This proves what I've always said, "Velocity stacks sell glove box doors."
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    Help with dumbass move - WTB small T bolts that hold door trim on

    Markos inspires generosity...
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    Help with dumbass move - WTB small T bolts that hold door trim on

    Got your note...going out today.
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    Help with dumbass move - WTB small T bolts that hold door trim on

    Yeah, the aluminum and steel grow to like one another, and are not fun to slide/extract...If you have trouble Markos, I have a few ready to go to Steve; same price. Let me know if I can help.
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    Leak at transmission speedometer cable connection

    I would love to know the exact specs/parts number on it and the O-ring...
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    Leak at transmission speedometer cable connection

    Maybe "spring seal" (typo?)...the one I'm looking for for my 72, is IIRC, is like a rubber O-ring/spring combo all together...
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    automatic transmission issue

    Sorry to borrow a piece of your thread..(my auto does the same jerk, by the way), any of you automatic guys have an extra spring/gasket/seal that fits in the trans case to seal the speedo cable?
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    The Vintage 2019 Photos.

    Enjoyed spending some time with you and your dad. Happy that the bumper found a good home. I'll PM you about the other parts we discussed soon. Pictures were excellent, especially Don's Bauer (like a Jeopardy category...). Probably the best one I've ever seen, and the first black on black car...
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    Vintage plans?

    Sorry we'll miss you and the e9...Envious of your patience.
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    Vintage plans?

    Sounds good, travel safely.
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    Vintage plans?

    To be really honest, chrome photos are difficult at the least..I'll shoot a couple to you but you will, I'm sure want to see the real thing...I'll bring them all up to the hotel Friday afternoon till about 7:30 or so, then I'll be at the venue Sat morning, but will be parked in the spectator...