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  1. vince

    Craigslist BMW Finds:

    That's a '59 Fleetwood. Probably added the side scoops because the regular 59 Caddy styling was too boring. :)
  2. vince

    FS: 74 Bavaria

    Cool Bavaria! Love the color combo and the way it's optioned.
  3. vince

    Any Pagoda owners here?

    I had one before my coupe. A '71, bought it off a little old lady. It came with ton of documentation, even the original window sticker from Mercedes of Beverly Hills. To be honest, I kind of hated that car. Sure, it was beautiful but drove like a truck compared to a BMW of the same period...
  4. vince

    Hardy and Beck headers SOLD

    Cool headers! I have Stahl headers in my coupe that look the same. Didn't realize they brought so much money but what doesn't cost a fortune now when it comes to any of this vintage stuff.
  5. vince

    FS: Windsplit decals

    What decal?:) Man, that is a great looking car!!
  6. vince

    Selling my '51 GMC... eBay was a bust

    Love your truck Dan! Sorry to see that you are selling it. I'm into old BMWs and old Chevy/GMC Pickups. Over the last few years, I've fixed up and sold 4 '67-'80 GM trucks. The best was a '72 Cheyenne Super (Hawaiian Blue and White) that I completely restored. It was all stock with factory...
  7. vince

    Saw a 73 for sale in Malibu

    Congrats! Great color combo!
  8. vince

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed BAT Fjord Blue

    It could go higher than 80K. It has all the right stuff; color combo, 3.5 with 5 speed, sunroof, AC, power front windows, etc... I'd like to see more pictures but from what I can see, it looks great!
  9. vince

    1972 BMW 3.0CS 3.5L 5-Speed BAT Fjord Blue

    $65K, maybe 3 or 4 years ago. I'm guessing it will go much higher.
  10. vince

    My Baby is done... Thanks for all your help!!!!

    Bummer man! My guess $3800.00. Should be fairly easy to match your new black paint.
  11. vince

    over the new image of the forum

    The new format looks great to me. Thanks Dan and Markos for all that you do for all of us!
  12. vince

    1974 3.0 CSI in Socal $21,500 NMNA

    Seams like a screaming deal!
  13. vince

    WTB petri horn button and surround

    You could try Conner at Vintage Autobahn. I bought a nice one from him recently.
  14. vince

    Art of Racing in the Rain

    For whatever reason, 'Bye, bye, car' is how we've let our dogs know we're hitting the road and they get to come along. Those three words send them into a frenzy. Hershey loved to go in the car but would never stick her head out the window. Hazel is the opposite, she quickly learned how to...
  15. vince

    Art of Racing in the Rain

    I've posted this before but it's my last picture of good 'ol Hershey girl and our crazy Hazel girl together.
  16. vince

    Mustang movie

    That's so cool that you still have your HS car. I bought a 68 Camaro RS Convertible when I was 15, kept it for 6 years but had to sell it to finish college. I had dreams for years about getting it back. If it ever came up for sale, I'd find a way to buy it back.
  17. vince

    Mustang movie

    Cool! A factory air car. Looks like it might be a 6 cylinder. If so, I bet there aren't weren't many non V8 cars with AC.
  18. vince

    Craigslist BMW Finds:

    Love the line 'decided to go in a different direction' - really means 'decided to stay married'.
  19. vince

    What did you do to your E9 today?

    Looks great! Now get some real headlights for your car! :)
  20. vince

    Reunited My E9 with Original Owner After 26 Years!

    This is a great story, thanks for posting. I am intrigued in so many ways. First, how old were these guys when they bought your E9? She looks like she could be early twenties, him, maybe thirty? That was a very expensive car for such a young couple. They had great taste in cars, even the...