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    WTB; 3.0CSI Front Strut bodies

    Camber angle likely the problem, different from e9 to e12/24. Worst case there is an e24 strut on there also, he will have different size bearings left to right. e9 left, e12 right
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    3.07 LSD - Value??

    Crown wheels @ m10 and m12, 8 and 10 hole Klingenburg vs Gleeson Input/output splines
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    3.07 LSD - Value??

    Different in/output splines (flanges/pinion) early to late, so they need to 'match' the diff unit itself - especially re SFDon's note on bolt vs snap. Early also has additional bearing on output flanges; easy 'upgrade' for later. Crown wheels have different bolt configurations, 8 hole vs 10...
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    Wtb csl perplex 3pz

    Have these in mine (racecar), kit or individual parts available
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    Rebuilt Dogleg

    There was another thread where the 'dogleg' was described as the 'ultimate' box. Some general commentary about the ratios not really being the best for an e9 (especially with standard diff ratios). I tend to agree, overdrive must better proposition, if one was to go that way (5 speed).
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    Rebuilt Dogleg

    The ULTIMATE upgrade for your e9....only joking. I do have a rebuilt 265/5 Dogleg if anyone is interested, likely not for your e9 BTW! Professionally rebuilt, prepped to a high standard. UK based £2950. PM me if of interest
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    CSL Redo for Vintage Racing

    Best to have a look at the homologation papers, assuming Group 2 - 1648 One option - AP Racing historic calipers Front - depends on how much you want to spend, size of disc you intend to use. 2270's are typically £600+vat each, 2279's £1200+vat each, can be bought marginally cheaper if you...
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    Anyone want a race car?

    A proliferation of period race cars for sale at the moment here in the UK:'Batmobile'-/13643.htm and if something more...
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    Rack & pinion steering

    R&P mentioned several times on the forum, some of the race cars have it. e21 R&P (they are rear mounted on the e21), bracket welded to rear of subframe to mount.
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    AERO KIT. I am sure this has been a subject before

    I can also recommend Chris Randal, i have one of his kits on my car, he even fitted it! Fit is very good, thickness of the GRP is slightly thinner (remember these are race cars) than others, but once bonded and riveted on they are VERY strong. If you need a rear 3-piece spoiler (without...
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    WTB. Flywheel for 5 spd auto conversion

    Just for the record, steel ones...and considering the $/£
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    Help I.D. Flywheel

    Looks like a m30 single mass flywheel, as per or...
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    For sale: Getrag 265/5 Dogleg and 265/6 Overdrive

    This was the Overdrive gearbox
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    Wishbone spacers for lowered cars?

    Another solution that i have seen (on 2210270)
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    BMW E9 3.0 CSL Alu doors

    Don't take these as gospel, but indicative weights. Weighed at home, circa weights. BOOTLID (steel) (never got around to weighing my aluminium one!) outer skin - 8.25kg frame - 6.75kg DOOR (not CSL) (power windows) - circa 31kg (minus sound deadening on inside of door and minus door hinges) A...
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    CSL bonnet/hood and boot/trunk panels for sale in UK

    The bidding went upto £9200 at one point, but looks like the bid was withdrawn or cancelled.
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    WTB: 265/6 Gearbox
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    CSL bonnet/hood and boot/trunk panels for sale in UK

    Bought a car, went to collect and there was several £k of parts sitting there that the seller then included for nothing...including ally bootlid (which is now on my car) and original old stock panels including 2x wings (with the BMW stickers). Would have been 5-6 years ago, Bolton/Bury area...
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    CSL bonnet/hood and boot/trunk panels for sale in UK

    Curiously, just looking at how much i paid for mine, bonnet £1300 mid 2012, bootlid £900 mid 2014 and aluminium door hinges £70 mid 2013. When did aluminium door hinges ever get sold?
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    CSL bonnet/hood and boot/trunk panels for sale in UK

    As all too frequent, they may well end up sold outside of ebay. I sometimes think items are listed for too short a period on ebay to get the audience items require. Would Facebook have been a better site for advertising? No association, just curious.... just in case of the HIGHLY unlikely...