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  1. '69 2800cs

    WTB - CSL side seat covers

    What is the cost on these?
  2. '69 2800cs


    Cleared out Safari but still wouldn't work. Logged in using my email instead of screen name and bingo! I'm in on the phone...
  3. '69 2800cs


    I'm never able to log in on my says my username not found? Ipads and laptops work.
  4. '69 2800cs

    Niki Lauda passed away

    An amazingly long and diverse career. RIP Niki. I have one of his Momo signature steering wheels....easily my least favorite design but it's a keeper because he was so badass! :-)
  5. '69 2800cs

    not again?

    Peter-I have an outer drivers side rocker I will sell you at 50% of new at W&N plus shipping. I ordered it a few weeks ago but with the help of a borescope I've determined that I only need to do the front fender patch and a little work on the A pillar support-the majority of the rockers on the...
  6. '69 2800cs

    72 CSL on BAT -wow!

    I give BAT a lot of credit for what they've built but so many comments are clueless...for that reason I rarely visit the site. This was a cool car and the things that are "wrong" look easily fixed.
  7. '69 2800cs

    Screwdriver Absurdity

    C'mon guys....$600 is a fair price considering the presentation. Have any of you priced out a hand model recently?
  8. '69 2800cs

    Side outer window rail blocks/holders. Are these available anywhere?

    Look into instamorph or similar moldable plastics. They are small pellets you mix in hot water and you can mold a shape in your hands.
  9. '69 2800cs

    Center console wood...restored

    Bump-still have this!
  10. '69 2800cs

    Worth Saving

    Yes, the Italvolanti's are a quality wheel and worth saving. The ones I've had have a nice fat grip, very smooth high quality leather and are usually a little bigger than the common 350mm Momo's. It's probably a bit newer than your coupe by 10-20 years, but still a reasonably "correct" upgrade...
  11. '69 2800cs

    Markos the Admin

    I think we need one of these to better explain this. What Markos can do, what we think Markos can do...:-)
  12. '69 2800cs

    Center console wood...restored

  13. '69 2800cs

    Wishbone spacers for lowered cars?

    I have a pair from AKG Motorsport waiting to go in. BTS12 is the part number, which the website indicates is for E12 and early E24, but I must have done my homework when I bought them to make sure they fit. Eventually, I will cut my struts and use shorter inserts combined with these. And...
  14. '69 2800cs

    Center console wood...restored

    This is from my Bela set but I have an AC console and so not needed. $100 shipped. todd.simpson at comcast dot net
  15. '69 2800cs

    Slot Car racing

    I take my 8 and 12 year old boys to our local track. I'm partial to this model of Parma. I snap them up when I find them on ebay, though $15 is my limit. Tires always need to be replaced but they always run!
  16. '69 2800cs

    I'm disgusted with State Farm

    A few years ago I had to deal with State Farm as they insured the person that backed into (and totalled) my E39. It was high mileage, so I had cancelled collision as well. Considering their client hit me, I went after State Farm for my claim. They gave me the runaround and then stated I had hit...
  17. '69 2800cs

    W n N Doorskins and rear wheel arch repair panels?

    I had good results with a steel W&N skin on my passenger door. The gaps are not perfect, they will need welding in some spots and grinding in others. However, I found them very easy to fit and they match the profile of the front and rear fenders.
  18. '69 2800cs


    I use a low temp dehumidifier here in Southern NJ and highly recommend it. My old dehumidifier froze up regularly. Even with some winter days in the teens here it often warms up to the fifties during the winter and very humid. The swings in temperature bring nasty condensation and so running...
  19. '69 2800cs

    Vintage Victor 380mm Steering Wheel with e9 hub

    That's a nice wheel, desirable size and a good deal too...I'd buy it but at 10 or so extra steering wheels I'm at my limit!
  20. '69 2800cs

    Ground Control Camber Plates

    I use the GC plates on stock struts. Very pleased with them. EDIT-I should clarify I use their coil overs as well, but I have not modified the strut. They just set in the stock spring perch.