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  1. StephenZ

    What did you do to your E3 today?

    Polaris! Like mine....will be again, one What's the back spacing on those wheels? Is it the picture or do they look like they're sitting inboard a lot. I ask, as I have a set of those that I just did a trial fit and they sit way different, filling out the fenders nicely. Good looking...
  2. StephenZ

    E3 on Ebay doubles in price...

    Very cool. I looked it up on the map and it's a little ways south, but not far. I'll let you know when I get to town!
  3. StephenZ

    E3 on Ebay doubles in price...

    LOL. Yeah, we're moving to Atlanta this summer and I bet it's no different than LA....Mustangs, Camaros, etc....and clueless 'car guys'...Ha! I love running into those few people that you can have a genuine car conversation with that their eyes don't glass over when you mention anything...
  4. StephenZ

    Under Hood Sound Insulation

    Looks nice!
  5. StephenZ

    These Wheels on a Bavaria?

    Holy crap, I LOVE those! What size would you do? 16x8?
  6. StephenZ

    E3 Owners on E9’s.

    I think my FJ40 was my favorite car out of 20+ cars I've had...100% agree that I'd never look at one with a v-8 conversion. That f engine was a beast. Never let me down. Very much the tractor version of the! Had a few FXSTC's, too...lots of fun riding, when I was younger and didn't...
  7. StephenZ

    E3 Owners on E9’s.

    Yeah, lots of good points...I think the love of cool old cars is the glue that holds it all together. I remember, when I used to ride Harley's for a while, a quote from an article that referred to someone trying to justify their desire to purchase, was, "you don't buy a Harley with your mind...
  8. StephenZ

    E3 Owners on E9’s.

    Years ago I flew cross country to buy an E9, but it was a rust bucket. Since then, I went through an fj40, a ground up 1600 resto, 73 CJ5, and a few other fun cars. Now, I have two kids and no use for a two door car. My car hobby is only fun if I can enjoy it with my kiddos/wife...mostly...
  9. StephenZ

    Needed a "Go By"

    Smart man, right here...
  10. StephenZ

    Bluecoupe301 awesome seller

    Bought some chrome sills from Mike, Bluecoupe301, and he was fantastic to deal with. Very quick responses and got the parts sent amazingly fast. Very much appreciate it. -Stephen Z
  11. StephenZ

    Door Sill Strips

    Just arrived. They look awesome! Thank you very much!
  12. StephenZ

    (update again it drove!)Guess who can’t tune

    Yay! Now if I could just carve out a little time to finish sanding, repairing hood/trunk, priming, painting, new headliner, install engine, rebuild front and rear suspension, trans, drive shaft, brakes, bearings, reinstall glass.....Oh good Lord...I'm going to bed...:-(
  13. StephenZ

    Sad day at Double O2 Salvage...

    Thaaaaaat's it... geeez....brain is turning to mush...too many fumes.
  14. StephenZ

    Sad day at Double O2 Salvage...

    Oh, I must be thinking of a different place..the one I went to was in Sun Valley, in Los Angeles...what was that one?
  15. StephenZ

    Sad day at Double O2 Salvage...

    Whoa! Is it still possible to swing by there?? I'm only 30 min or so, that hurts. I used to go there almost 20 years ago with my first 02.
  16. StephenZ

    (update again it drove!)Guess who can’t tune

    If those bleeders are pointed down, they will never ever ever bleed...ever. Must face up to allow air to go through the path to outside land. Have you ever bled brakes before? If not, understand that it's not always as easy as, 'follow directions and it's done'. There are a handful of things to...
  17. StephenZ

    Hood shocks instead of the factory torsion bar.

    Nice! Looks straight forward enough. I like that the lift is hidden a bit in the scissor bracket.
  18. StephenZ

    Hood shocks instead of the factory torsion bar.

    Anymore pics of that one? I much prefer the mini struts on the actual folding brackets. Very clean look. I'll definitely be going this direction. Looks easy enough to fab something.
  19. StephenZ

    Belt trim

    I've pieced a couple sets together by now...., but they look good.. $163 shipping? Is Robert Downey Jr delivering them in his new orange chariot? lol...
  20. StephenZ

    Stanceworks E3 2800 Article - The Austrian Way – WCP’s Turbocharged M50-Swapped 1970 BMW E3 2800

    Exactly. Do you do photography, as well? It's annoying seeing poor choices in lighting/composition/editing in soooo many pictures... The tech is so easy to use that everyone fancies themselves an expert these days.. LOL. My wife and her instagram photos.."what filter do you think I should use?"...