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  1. Yannick

    future CS and CSL models

    Come on guys, let's be serious : It is already very seriously questionable to call a car, a car that needs a valve exhaust to make the sound of a car :) Now, if I'm not mistaken, you're asking about the next CSL BMW models that we're supposed to see ?! A car that weights 1500 Kg+ is upfront...
  2. Yannick

    Reunited My E9 with Original Owner After 26 Years!

    ... a true moving story, really ... the story of a life ...
  3. Yannick

    Schnitzer CSL race parts

    Sake of good order and to be accurate : the correct 7x14 wheels as proposed by BMW Motorsport GmbH for the CSL were ( and were stamped ) BMW MAHLE ( not BBS MAHLE ) wheels. BMW Motorsport GmbH part # 33 11 2 200 529 ... Ironically, there was a print mistake in all the BMW Motorsport GmbH...
  4. Yannick


    Ex Tim Hignett Bat ...
  5. Yannick

    Inka '73 @ Aussie museum sale

    No expense Vs. No knowledge
  6. Yannick

    What determines a matching numbers car?

    Original colour mandatory ...
  7. Yannick

    Chamonix CSL

    You're right... which is 2275 538 ( my mistake ) and not 2275 457 ( last one being the ex Tim Hignet's Bat with WGO 375 R plates ) :)
  8. Yannick

    Chamonix CSL

    The Bat in the background : 2275 457
  9. Yannick

    Chamonix CSL

    2285 064 -Yannick
  10. Yannick

    Look- Porsche Classic restoration and parts

    Are you really sure ?! I do not know if you did the experience but I did ... There is only one undisputed fact : They are all strong when it is about communication. Really.
  11. Yannick

    Look- Porsche Classic restoration and parts

    Can they read ?!
  12. Yannick

    Front E9

    This is a tough one, clearly harder than it looks like... I seriously doubt there is someone on the planet sure enough to give a straight Yes / No. Let's be modest, my answer will be : I do not know for sure... However, gut feeling ( which, in such a case is resulting from my rather long e9...
  13. Yannick

    Front E9

    My mistake : in the model car definition one should read "Pre-1974 cars" and "Post-1973 cars". Your car is not a MY 74 car with a VIN starting with 2 ( hence the rafters pattern etc ... ). On top of above mentionned elements, there are also more differences for MY 74 cars ( i.e. darker...
  14. Yannick

    Front E9

    Previous comments correct but speaking about MY 73 and MY 74 not that obvious for people discovering the E9 world : 1971, 1972 and 1973 cars are, on the one hand, same type of MY cars with same properties ... but - late - 1973 cars registered early 1974 is not uncommon and therefore confusing...
  15. Yannick

    Bonhams 1973 BMW CSL 2275537

    Hammer price 159k€ ( 178k€ with the 12% auction fee )
  16. Yannick

    CSL Alpina

    Pictures taken at the "Classic Days, Schloss Dyck", Germany August 3 - 5 Both cars original Alpina, not Alpina modified but Alpina ( i.e. delivered NEW by BMW to Alpina and sold by Alpina ).
  17. Yannick

    suspension E9 :-)

    17" on a e9 is as nice as a pale Mona Lisa copy on a Chinese chocolate box and 17" wheels will anyway not affect ride height in such a manner that we would have an East African Safari E9 as your picture would suggest. Quite sure your problem is not only with the wheels. If I may suggest : Check...
  18. Yannick

    CSL Prints..

    Fully agree about the racing and even not mentionning the unbelievable and rare cars you see during the event : This year was my 8th time in Le Mans Classic and I have not missed the event since the very first Le Mans Classic edition in 2002. As far as Spa Classic concerned, yes, I have. Le...
  19. Yannick

    CSL Prints..

    I also was there and have seen your car : Very nicely restored, a beautiful car... Congrats ! On the track side, there were 4 CSLs, but only one car was genuine ! A pity and very bad example of what shouldn't happen ( but the kind of situation we'll see happening and happening again in the...
  20. Yannick

    Niki Lauda drives his ‘old’ 3.0 CSL

    The car finished 3rd ( Lauda / Joisten ) at the Nürburgring 6 hours ( July 7th, 1973 ). 15 says later, the car was racing the Spa 24 hours ( Muir / Joisten ... Lauda announced as driver but didn't show up ) and was involved in a very bad accident ( totaled ) after 7 hours race. Joisten...