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    FS: Original Marchal 660/760 Fog Lights

    very pretty
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    headliner - material and reuse

    My installer sprayed a "pre-glue" on a Friday and installed on a Monday as he too expressed some concern about the weight of the material . Once done , myself and a friend dealt with the "issues" of fitting the pinchweld . As Allan indicated, there will be some additional trimming and fettlling...
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    a couple headliner questions

    ....hmmm , well here's the thing Mark, I was quoted some pretty fancy figures from US vendors for what I believe is the product I bought . Long story short ( ish ), a supplier in Victoria said he could source after a Singapore agent I contacted said the minimum order was 60 metres (!). Suffice...
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    a couple headliner questions

    typo ?...I assume you mean "warped "? ...mine was a bit misformed too but my trimmer put some "back bracing " in to alleviate one of of the "dips" . If it's bad, a good trimmer can probably make one from scratch but will not be cheap as the board is formed down to the "C" pillars . . Be aware...
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    a couple headliner questions

    Hi Mark, if you're referring to the panel at the rear of the sunroof, it's formed In respect of headliner , I recently used a material from Spradling International ( Polaris 1619 )....I am very happy with it but it is a bit thicker than OEM so you will probably need to gently prise open the...
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    RHD 73' Up on PistonHeads

    Bargain csi...would sell in a heartbeat down here at that price. ...hmmm
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    Parting out or whole E9 in NE WA state

    ....she's calling you Markos a siren from the sea :D
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    UK E9s coming up for auction

    BMW confirmed with me that 18 were delivered to OZ...the HK one referred to above was imported from OZ . I am aware of a couple that are still here but the bulk of the 207 cars presumably went to UK .
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    UK E9s coming up for auction

    ...that's pretty good buying particularly as it is one of the limited #435 VIN series. ( one of 207 factory delivered RHD csi's ). . One in this VIN series was recently listed in HK for US $100k and now sold .
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    1972 3.0 CSL For sale in Australia

    still showing as available at Classic Throttle Shop
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    Looking for original A/C unit for 72 CSI

    ....Markos also has the aircon console faceplates that have been feted by Coupeking no less !
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    Looking for original A/C unit for 72 CSI

    ...maybe contact Markos ....he's a big kahuna on this Forum ...collects steering wheels and rusty paraphernalia .Also a 3D printing master and has those vents available I believe .
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    Looking for original A/C unit for 72 CSI

    Hi Frank ,from what i have read , I understand that it might be a long process to source all the parts ...have you at least got the console side panes ( with the vents) ?. Cheers, Simon
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    Door weatherstrip change - advice needed please

    .....just a tangential question the post above , Layne refers to a sealant that is somewhat like "plumber's putty " ( to me , it has the consistency and look of glazing putty ) . Anyway, after some 40 + years it is still quite malleable and I was wondering if there is something...
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    Sean Connery’s CSL for sale

    Mish Moneypenny will know ...and don't call me Shurley
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    Sean Connery’s CSL for sale

    Alan is obviously a disgruntled Pierce Brosnan fan !:rolleyes:
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    W&N Grilles now available

    ...I'm very happy with mine and they seem more "robust" than the originals . Just grateful that Walloths are meeting a need (again ) that BMW seems unwilling to meet. If the new grilles seem glossy, it may be because the originals are old and faded...and made of rice paper . My 2 cents .
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    Bimmers Day out

    Hopefully Beemer70 (Moray) doesn't mind but I thought his earlier video warranted an encore for those who might not have seen it .
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    UK: 1973 Taiga CSI (LHD) 70k € - 90k €

    I had to go out when this one was auctioned ...anyone know how it went ? ( there were some other very interesting BMW entries too including a race boat "Berlin III ")