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    headliner - material and reuse

    I installed my own headliner, I used a contact adhesive called Evostick but I don't suppose what it's called really. Use contact adhesive. ;-)
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    headliner - material and reuse

    It is possible to reuse the headliner IF you can remove it without tearing it. There is a product I use called Tar And Glue Remover it is available from car valeter suppliers. As per its name it softens and removes tar and glue without damaging paintwork. Use it to soften the glue enough to peel...
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    WLTB CSL steering box

    Hi guys, as per title I would like to buy a RHD non assisted steering box and steering column. Thanks.
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    What did you do to your E9 today?

    Not just today but I've been working on making a throttle linkage for the Triumph motorcycle throttle bodies that I have adapted to fit the new engine for my coupe.
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    My Alpina B2 powered 3.0CS

    Thanks for the info.....thinking about it it wasn't a 30 hp increase because the carburettor cars only made 180 hp from the factory so that makes it a 50 hp increase which isn't an insignificant increase. I wonder how much a fuel injected car on itbs would make with a 300 degree cam? Have any...
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    My Alpina B2 powered 3.0CS

    I am surprised that a 300 degree cam, ported head and triple cars only netted a 30 hp increase from stock. I would have thought a bit more???
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    Getrag 265 fits badly

    I had a similar situation a few years back when I tried to save money by sourcing engine and gearbox mounts that were much cheaper and "nearly" the same size. Turned out that the driveline wasn't lined up properly and would cause a horrendous banging under hard acceleration, used to go through...
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    Clitheroe to Longridge

    Woke up around 4.30 am, couldn't get back to sleep so got up about 5.30 and scratched an itch. Started filming bout 15 miles from home till it started raining properly. Enjoy.
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    The thump again

    I had a nasty thumping under real hard acceleration a few years back, it would only do it in 1st and 2nd gear. It turned out that the gearbox mount was incorrect causing the Guibo to "wind up" and it was catching on one of the unused mountings on the back of the gearbox! You had to see it to...
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    New video from today

    Hi Bob To answer your you should not expect that much valve noise. The problem with my engine is that it has an after market camshaft installed and the cam grinder a (respected???) British company ground the cam with the exhaust lobes back to front!!! I only figured this out after...
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    New video from today

    I'll just leave this here
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    heater blower motor install

    It is actually very easy to separate them, I had to do this a few weeks back and was amazed to find the motor for around £40 of ebay. Remove the retaining washer from the motor shaft and then whilst supporting as much of the circumference of the fan as possible I pressed the motor off the fan...
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    Engine removal with trans in car

    Hi Rohan, how did you get on with this? Personally I've always found it a squeeze and even ended up removing the front pulley to get the engine in and out. I guess it would be much easier if you have one of those crane adapters where you wind a handle and the engine tips up. Lifting it out flat...
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    The true definition of "stripped"!

    Shame, it looks a good shell. It would be a good way to make a nice car starting off with a solid shell its normally the other way round.
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    Sway bar advice needed

    Hi guys, My Coupe currently has the standard front sway bar and the rear from an E12 M535i. I would like to know if there are any interchangeable parts that could be fitted as an upgrade, for instance would the 27 mm front bar from an E23 fit (would need modified links)? Thanks in advance Gary
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    RHD Windscreen wiper sweep

    Unfortunately John I don't think there is anything that can be done with out modifying the body work because as you pointed out the wiper is all ready at the edge of the screen so to fit a bigger wiper you would have to shorten the linkage and move the hole it protrudes through. Get some Rain-X...
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    What did you do to your E9 today?

    Today I fitted my adjustable perch 2.5"coil over set. Weld was not completely removed to act as a support for the threaded sleeve . Thinking that I should've gone with 7" springs as ideally I'd like the car .5" lower. Without the assister spring and it's perch it would ride...
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    Head Rebuild info please. Oil consumption...

    That was a blocked oil filter nothing to do with crank case pressure, the suction from the pump collapsed it! You really need to change your oil more often. Oil (once used) breaks down over time irrespective of the mileage. Due to contamination from combustion the oil ends up with acidic...
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    Quick Vid

    Marcos and Bwana, guages are stock speedo lit by led's permanently to match the Autometer 60mm water and oil temp guages. there is also a Ecliptech Shift I sequential shift light. The shift light is an awesome piece of kit and is totally user configurable, the best out there! 2" Fuel, revs and...
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    Quick Vid

    My wife took a vid today as we took the car back to work. Its done on her phone which she cant keep still but you get the idea.