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    1980 633CSI parts car ready get taken away

    Seats are not a direct replacement for E9's but can be made to fit.
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    Gauges out, Speedo repaired

    As you can see, there's a screw at center right of the photo that holds the near-vertical shaft onto the body of the instrument. If the shaft is too far right, the gears don't engage. This looks to be the problem with the brass gear at the bottom of your photo. The work will go much more...
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    Gauges out, Speedo repaired

    add another very patient DIY-er who has fully gone down the rabbit hole, and re-emerged. I put off fixing my odometer for almost 20 years, then got some sack and went in there, cleaned it up, and put in 4w bulbs.
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    320I IMSA Turbo and lone CSL pics from Sonoma Speed Festival

    not off base at all - bring it on!
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    Any ideas? Get the window tension spring back in place

    Main strength and simple hand tools. Vise grips, arc-joint pliers, screwdriver... Make sure that when (not if) it slips, you won't get hit. This suggests putting the gear in a vise, then using both hands on the spring.
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    Some notes on the 123ignition distributor install and a cool new curve

    I wonder what the advance curve looks like for various DME versions...
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    QUESTION FOR THE GROUP - Regional forums? - ANSWERED!

    I haven't seen another CS driving on Oahu, Kauai, Maui or Hawaii for like ever. Really. I think there was one on Maui but we've not met. I once saw a 2000C in Hilo but that was 15 years ago. I know several (four?) coupes around here got repatriated to the vaterland or the mainland, might as...
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    Which color blue is this?

    Fjord Blue is beautiful if done correctly, it has a hint of lavender in it that can be lacking depending on the color formulation. But any of the dark blues is great against all the chrome a CS has. You did know that "CS" stands for Chrome Sport, didn't you?
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    Seat Rail

    That's for the upholstery shop to fix. I expect a seat rail from the E3 (Bavaria) sedan will also work. Possibly from an E12 or even an E28. Production years of those run into the early 1980s, so they are getting hard to find. Someone on the list will likely pop up with one or more. You have...
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    tool tip

    Odd name for a dude.... "Cotton Candy". I'd stay away from that.
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    tool tip

    I read *somewhere* that smoke machines are available on Amazon, for not too much money. But I haven't looked. Your vaping girl beats that by far. Is she available as a loaner?
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    School Me on M30 Heads

    Jim Rowe's ex-partner, Jim Blanton, IIRC opened: Blanton Transmissions, 1427 W 9th St, Kansas City, MO 64101 Though I only looked at the first page of results for "Blanton Transmissions", a quickie web search finds him on Facebook but not a website.
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    Stiff clutch pedal

    A clutch that engages too suddenly (assuming it isn't a racing style five-puck installation) will be the result of the throwout bearing sticking on the tube it rides on. Had this with my E36 and could not for the life of me figure it out. Finally let a shop do the work, they had to remove the...
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    Art of Racing in the Rain

    Read the book by Garth Stein several years ago on the fly, standing in the aisles of Barnes and Noble. It's quite the tearjerker, a dog-loving wife (if there is such a thing) would really get into it. The protagonist is supposedly an driving instructor, and does other things. I also would...
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    Driver seat height

    The answer will depend on how bagged out your seat padding is. Mine is pretty far gone, and I'm 6'6"; I feel I fit okay in the car and have never considered changing the seat height. Probably mostly because I can't... without putting in a seat from another bimmer. Been messing about with...
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    Third brake light

    So, Andrew, have you got any of the original 300 left? If so what is your asking price?
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    side grill removal

    Who is going to know if the vinyl you cut is too big or too small? Maybe 2 people on this list... that makes 1 in several million worldwide. If you like it, let it be! one man's opinion, anyway, and worth the price, too.
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    brake caliper, pad lubricant

    During a caliper rebuild I put smidgen (technical term) on the piston itself, and some under the rubber seal/around the edge of the piston. There's a different compound for the back of the pad backing plate, supposedly to keep disc brakes from squealing. I had heard the way to stop squealing...
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    Prep for 3.5 Megasquirt

    3M Super 77 is good spray contact cement, may be useful for your headliner and being a spray may not seep through perforations. I have a can that I've used only intermittently for years and years, yet it keeps spraying nicely after a good shaking. Just used it the other day on the E34 sunroof...
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    Best Sheet Metal Sources

    The woven product, described as "rebar" by some, but correctly identified as fiberglass by m5bb/Gary Beck above (good on ya, Gary). More specifically, it's known to those who use it as "woven roving" meaning that the actual fibers in a strand are parallel rather than twisted or otherwise...