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  1. OCCoupe

    Upholster-So Cal Los Angeles

    Message sent.
  2. OCCoupe

    4310316 begins

    Alan, See this through! Live your dream, you won’t regret it. I’ve driven a car with lsd and on lsd. Don’t know if I’ve done both at the same time. Please keep moving forward, the hits only make you stronger.
  3. OCCoupe

    Dash and more

    To answer your question, yes... Juan Ortiz. And just dashes quality is falling by the wayside. This is the dash Juan redid for me. He just redid the dash in my 2002. Excellent work.
  4. OCCoupe

    FS.Petri hub covers

    Keshav, I would be interested in a cover and hub adapter if you make any more. Thank you!!! Mike
  5. OCCoupe

    Mud Flaps

    Fortunately these won’t be going on the 2800.
  6. OCCoupe

    Fuel Pump Recommendations (Repower with Euro M88 Engine)

    You should be fine with running an inline pump from an e28 535i/m5. if your car is a CSI then you can buy the pump bracket from a late e12 528i which is a bolt in replacement for the csi pump bracket. The later e12 bracket will accommodate the e28 pump. this pump has the 13mm pick up and and the...
  7. OCCoupe

    It's Time!

    Happy and safe holidays to everyone. Practice patience and take a deep breath. Remember the other guy is only human too! I'm looking forward to seeing jabberjaw get a reset on life! Lots of love!
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    Red interior

    Red sux. Especially blue with red.
  9. OCCoupe

    Red interior

    I hate red interiors.
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    Trim between taillights - chrome or aluminum?

    Early cars had chrome up until late ‘71 then they went to aluminum. I have a late ‘71 fog light piece in chrome.
  11. OCCoupe

    hooray, it finally happened

    Wow!!! and i only have 1263 posts.
  12. OCCoupe

    4310316 begins

    It’s time for it to be finished and for you to be enjoying it.
  13. OCCoupe

    Some sound insulation.

    I spoke with them today and the product is still available.
  14. OCCoupe

    Some sound insulation.

    I went on the site and followed the contact link, called and spoke to Heidi. Here is their contact info if you have any questions about their products. I have used this on 2 cars and have been very happy with the ease of use and the results. PHONE: 541-389-6821 FAX: 541-389-5273 SALES...
  15. OCCoupe

    Some sound insulation.

    A friend’s car, not mine.
  16. OCCoupe

    Some sound insulation.

    32 degrees is in regards to the effectiveness of the acoustic properties. It’s doesnt fail from temperature.
  17. OCCoupe

    Some sound insulation.

    Dynamat is a good product but I would not use it on the ceiling or doors. I’ve heard many stories of the mat coming down on a hot day and ruining a headliner or binding up in a window regulator.
  18. OCCoupe

    Some sound insulation.

    No smell. I sprayed this in my e9 and never experienced any issues with smell. It is very stable and heat/cold tolerant. It applies like undercoating and doesn’t require an adhesive so it doesn’t fail in heat and come apart. They state an operating range of 32-175 degrees and it is an interior...
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    Some sound insulation.
  20. OCCoupe

    Some sound insulation.

    After the product dried and they tape was removed