1969 2800CS, stock drive train, 4spd, Carl Nelson lowering springs that don't quite lower it enough in the rear for my taste. 16" Alpina wheels and Sport Recaros from a 320is. This a 15-footer, looking pretty decent until you get up close to see some of the paint checking on the hood and some dings and scrapes all around. Its a driver and I really don't care for car shows so its fine the way it is.
I've owned this E9 for two years now and have yet to begin restoration. In that time it's traveled 3,700 miles, but I've only driven it about 30. The rest was by ship and truck to it's new home in Austin TX from Maui HI. Buying parts, parts, parts.
How are you all..long time since I don't come into the site. I hope you guys can remember a 1971 black 2800 cs on sale in San Francisco a couple of years ago which I got and imported it to Monterrey, Mexico...the most memorable thing was it had horrible chromed wheels (which was discussed on a special and specific tread here on e9coupe) plus some rust everywhere. Well, the car has gone into full and total restoration in Mexico and here it is. We used the original color and now the wheels are...
mine. Better days... It´s done a few miles (about 100000) since the pictures were taken...
My project. Currently doing the floors.
Pre-resto list
2240284 Polaris/Navy 1972 3.0cs
Coming across some crazy E3's today, anyone know anything about these? I saw the 1804 and what's called a 2004 on some sites but has anyone seen one in the states? Or know more about the Cab? Seen one? etc.
1973 3.0 CS with fuel injection conversion
My E3 2800 was built 12/18/69 and delivered to a dealer in Dusseldorf, how it made it to So Cal in the early 70's is unknown. It was imported into the US pre gray market era, no DOT federalization was done to this car, speedo is in KM's and car still has Euro city lights. The 2800 was repainted in the original color, Granada red a few years ago. Interior was redone in leather last year. The 2800 has no PS, or AC, windows are manual. The 2800 has 133K original KM's. 14" Alpina wheels have...
I drove from Atlanta to Beavercreek Colorado in 2014 for Ofest. After the event I traveled this road for 20 miles along the Colorado River. Kept going up hill and when I reached the top this is the view I found. Breckenridge ski resort can be seen over 60 miles in the back ground.
around 1965 german guys had these wonderful equipment available, think what was available at your places those days
Found this on Stanceworks on a forum thread recently as well.... anyone's? Don't recognize it from anywhere. Seems like he just finished up restoration. [URL][/URL]
Hi All!! Just found this excellent site! I have a modified BMW 2800 -71 I start with a strange picture I took from my car this summer! :-D Picture from Anderstorp raceway in Sweden The engine, carburetted S38b38 with some other mods. Mantorp raceway (full throttle :grin:) That's all for now /Otto
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