Artist's rendition of the CSL
I have to pass what little knowledge I have to someone!
Progress shots
I drove from Atlanta to Beavercreek Colorado in 2014 for Ofest. After the event I traveled this road for 20 miles along the Colorado River. Kept going up hill and when I reached the top this is the view I found. Breckenridge ski resort can be seen over 60 miles in the back ground.
here are pics of my 2800cs. lots of man hours and love
Pictures of the garage cars & art.
Picture sent to me from three owners back. He had the car in the mid '80's through 90's.
1973 3.0CS
1973 CS restomod.
72 Bavaria daily driver
I've owned this E9 for two years now and have yet to begin restoration. In that time it's traveled 3,700 miles, but I've only driven it about 30. The rest was by ship and truck to it's new home in Austin TX from Maui HI. Buying parts, parts, parts.
My super Beige Beige Coupe.
In the garage, and the E9 friends
My project. Currently doing the floors.
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