My E3 2800 was built 12/18/69 and delivered to a dealer in Dusseldorf, how it made it to So Cal in the early 70's is unknown. It was imported into the US pre gray market era, no DOT federalization was done to this car, speedo is in KM's and car still has Euro city lights. The 2800 was repainted in the original color, Granada red a few years ago. Interior was redone in leather last year. The 2800 has no PS, or AC, windows are manual. The 2800 has 133K original KM's. 14" Alpina wheels have...
[URL][/URL] 2800 Bavaria with a 3.9L M30 engine running domed pistons, large valves, Alpina 300 deg. cam, oil cooler, 265-5 transmission, 3.45 lsd differential, etc. A slow project now as it's at the 98% phase, with the last 2% the slowest!
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