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mine. Better days... It´s done a few miles (about 100000) since the pictures were taken...
Then there were three - John's on the left, Aleksey's in the middle and mine on the right. Can four E3's in one place be far behind?
How are you all..long time since I don't come into the site. I hope you guys can remember a 1971 black 2800 cs on sale in San Francisco a couple of years ago which I got and imported it to Monterrey, Mexico...the most memorable thing was it had horrible chromed wheels (which was discussed on a special and specific tread here on e9coupe) plus some rust everywhere. Well, the car has gone into full and total restoration in Mexico and here it is. We used the original color and now the wheels are...
I'm sure you all are familiar with the 3.0si, a rather rare car especially these days. They just weren't taken care of (or as valuable) as the cs and csi's. It is neat to see one of these around these days. Drive 4 Corners BMW meet has just opened a Community Section that features technical, Mechanical, and Life stories about BMWs in our lives. The first article featuring none other than a particular 1976 3.0si. Users can register and write articles that will be posted on the site on a...
My daily beaten 72' Bavaria
Hi, in the last couple of days I installed a pertronix unit ( No.1868 ) in my fjord blue Si and removed the injectors and intake manifold for cleaning. At the same time I replaced some of the fuel hoses I didn't reach when doing the other ones two years ago. New clamps and rubber seals for the set. When doing the job I discovered that the throttle plate wasn't set at what it should so I removed and cleaned the throttle body and reset it to the right spec. Last night I finished the last...
I was browsing thru the local Pick-n-Pull when I spotted this wheel laying in the back seat of an old 733. Someone had removed it to get the horn button. Fortunately they left the complete hub and the center flange. $16 total from P-n-P, 6 button head screws from Ace, a little adapting of my old Grant button and voila! - an improvement to the feng shui of the Bav area... Further research reveals that this is a Momo Fighter Zebrano - about $400 new with the hub. Gotta love Pick-n-Pull.
Came across a set of E39 8x17 IS20 composite Style 5's with 235-45-17 Michelins attached with a price too good to pass up. The previous wheels were E38 8x16 IS23 Style 4's with 225-50-16 tires. I'll be waiting to hear from HK on these... Before: After:
Some may not like it, but after a recent trip to see Erik at Coupeking and their collection of Alpina-copy wheels in various colors, I decided to Cerakote (Titanium) my Style 32 wheels. Also, since last post/pic, front and rear now have ST springs, and I cut a coil off of both.
here is a photo of my Si just before being sold. I do miss it but the coupe is a fine substitute!
Purchased my car a few months ago, which is a rust free CA car. The previous owner made some interesting stylistic choices.
Hi All!! Just found this excellent site! I have a modified BMW 2800 -71 I start with a strange picture I took from my car this summer! :-D Picture from Anderstorp raceway in Sweden The engine, carburetted S38b38 with some other mods. Mantorp raceway (full throttle :grin:) That's all for now /Otto
My E3 2800 was built 12/18/69 and delivered to a dealer in Dusseldorf, how it made it to So Cal in the early 70's is unknown. It was imported into the US pre gray market era, no DOT federalization was done to this car, speedo is in KM's and car still has Euro city lights. The 2800 was repainted in the original color, Granada red a few years ago. Interior was redone in leather last year. The 2800 has no PS, or AC, windows are manual. The 2800 has 133K original KM's. 14" Alpina wheels have...
[URL]http://www.e9coupe.com/forum/album.php?albumid=80[/URL] 2800 Bavaria with a 3.9L M30 engine running domed pistons, large valves, Alpina 300 deg. cam, oil cooler, 265-5 transmission, 3.45 lsd differential, etc. A slow project now as it's at the 98% phase, with the last 2% the slowest!
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