Items from Mike Goble

Driving out of Napa, Ca. on Hwy 121
72 Bavaria daily driver
Then there were three - John's on the left, Aleksey's in the middle and mine on the right. Can four E3's in one place be far behind?
I was browsing thru the local Pick-n-Pull when I spotted this wheel laying in the back seat of an old 733. Someone had removed it to get the horn button. Fortunately they left the complete hub and the center flange. $16 total from P-n-P, 6 button head screws from Ace, a little adapting of my old Grant button and voila! - an improvement to the feng shui of the Bav area... Further research reveals that this is a Momo Fighter Zebrano - about $400 new with the hub. Gotta love Pick-n-Pull.
Came across a set of E39 8x17 IS20 composite Style 5's with 235-45-17 Michelins attached with a price too good to pass up. The previous wheels were E38 8x16 IS23 Style 4's with 225-50-16 tires. I'll be waiting to hear from HK on these... Before: After:
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