1. Thomas76

    SOLD##1974 3.0CS Project car: Michigan, USA

    I'd like to offer one of my Coupe's for sale here before going open to the yucky public sites. Because I have no idea what an honest price is for this car I'd like to try hearing offers from members if anyone is interested, I also welcome your feedback for value here on this post. 1974...
  2. aearch


    how many of us have 74's here
  3. L

    74 3.0cs restored for sale

    $24,500. firm I had listed this car last year but I now have had the rust repaired, refabricated parts, repainted, front seats recovered and much more work done. Runs great. I will post some pics now but can send more. Car is located in Houston at the moment at the shop where the work was...
  4. F

    73 - 74 Nose compatability

    Greetings - I'm a new member in the process of restoring a 1973 CS. I have a damaged nose and am considering using a 1974 CS nose as a replacement. Does anyone know if I will run into issues? Will I need to use the newer bumper type that is seen on 74s or can I stick with my 73? Are there...
  5. L

    1974 3.0 cs for sale- Houston

    $18,000. VIN: 4310051 Mileage approx 135,000. Owned since Dec. 1994. Purchased in Illinois. Currently in storage but in driving order and registered. Have had it in Colorado, NM and now Houston. Shipped to each place. Reason for sale: moving to California Red exterior, black leather interior...