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16" wheels and homologation


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Hello, anybody knows if the CSI/CSL was ever homologated for international racing (FIA approved) with 16" wheels?
There seems to be a problem to find racing tyres for the 14"s.
I'm preparing a car for historic events and want to be sure.
If ever somebody has a car with a current FIA homologation
(group 1 or 2) i would be very grateful to obtain a photocopy of those.
Thanks for any help, greetings from Belgium,


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The Garvock, Scotland
Your best bet is to go on the FIA website and look for the information you require. BMW will of lodged Homolagation papers for the E9 with the FIA, which, for a price, you can get a copy.
Do note that some equipement will have to be modern for safety reasons, fire extinguisher systems for example

Additionally the "rules" can be different depending on the national governing body. For instance in the UK the MSA (Motor Sports Association) rules for certain motor racing events are different to other country requirements. Have you contacted the Belgium equivalent?

That said you can check out companies like Maxsport and Colway here in the UK for the 14" tyre sizes your looking for



Don't write them off because they are remoulded tyres they are very good and I have actually used both the tarmac and gravel spec tyres for rally purposes

Hope this helps and good luck