50 years of CSL at Motorworld Stuttgart. Some local e9 race cars on display.


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Clearly a loss that I missed this exhibition. More so, as it was only 250 km from where I live.

The Luigi car is wrapped in foil. Done prior to the Techno-Classica 2018 for the works display "50 years of BMW E3 & E9". This is the livery it wore winning the European Touring Car title in 1976. Underneath it retains the white & dark blue pattern "Garage du Bac" of Le Mans 1978. Drivers in 1976 were Pierre Dieudonné & Jean Xhenceval. Note the typo on the doors. Difficult to tell which outfit is nicer.

Anyway, I still admire the Amon/Stuck car. The Motorsport stripes on white, too, are amongst the best-fitting designs for the competition CSL. Seen this car a few years ago at BMW Classic, unfortunately it was locked, and they asked not to take pictures. It may be that BMW have built an identical twin in recent years. Given how precious original racing CSL are and how many people long to see or even hear them, it seems a good idea to have an additional one at hand.

Cheers, Christoph

dave v. in nc

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North Carolina, USA
I sent them an email. Their site appears to be about clothing, and other. We'll see.

Thanks for posting, James. Some great photos!
I received a reponse about the poster, and it basically said "Thank you for your interest, you can view our posters here..." and a link to the site www.poster-legends.com Many posters, no BMW. Lots of other paraphernalia, clothes, miniatures, but I gather no event posters like what James posted the picture of... Too bad.
They did have a print/poster of a pencil portrait of Bernie Ecclestone, that I'm sure we would all love for Christmas for only 4,915.97 euros. Love to know how many of those that they have...