73 Bavaria: A restoration project of sorts

Charles in PA

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York Haven, PA
Well, my Bavaria made it back from the body shop yesterday, the new windshield installed and dents put in the roof by the tree limbs pounded out as best that could be done. I have posted a few picture below. It is certainly not perfect but then the car is far from perfect and it's a lot better than it was and fairly remarkable given the level of damage. Quite the contrast from the pictures I originally posted in this thread. It was fun to drive it back home. The car needs a good cleaning inside and out which I am probably not going to be able to do until the spring. For now, it is going to be tucked safely away for the winter, away from the storms and tree limbs.

Thanks to everyone for their help, especially @HB Chris for connecting me to Coupe King for the windshield, trim strip and gasket. Very much appreciated and if you ever get to Central PA the beers are on me. Cheers


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