'73 Bavaria on BaT


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San Jose, California
Looks like an overall nice car. Very stock look in Chamonix with the Pedrini wheels. Like it. Like the sunroof as well.
Where have radio and console gone? The aerial is there.
The front seats look like balloons. Impossible to tell by the pictures if material and colour are right.
Picture 156 - They should have redone the armrest, too. Sigh.
Picture 187 - A hydraulic spring instead of the torsion springs? Hm.
Pictures 190-193 - Holes for speakers. Gone with the radio?
Pictures 194 & 196 - Is the central bridge on the boot floor bent? If so, why?
Massive oversized sway bars, far too much, but that's only me. Have the bushings on the rear axle been replaced in the process? Couldn't see.
The Weber carburettors look like single-stage ones. Does anyone know what they do to consumption? Usually the late 3.4 litres (92 mm x 86 mm) are really economical for their age and size.
Impressive underside. Could be a buy for the state of the body alone.

@Dick Steinkamp: Both windscreens have to be out to replace the headliner. No tricks. You are right. The seal for the front screen, this one with the narrow moulding, is said to be reproduced in good quality by Stefan Ries of Germany. The seal for the rear screen will be much worse. It looks very poor, and I don't know if it's available.
Doesn't look like chamonix to me. Looks like white.


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beautiful car. Had it been a standard not sure I could have let it sleep in someone else‘s garage.


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SoCal, USA
BaT Sure has been fun to watch with the e3s this past year. I am on my fourth and arguably the best one. I will not make the mistake of selling it (three times was enough). I have a late model (7 series from 1986) 3.5 Motronic FI engine and 5 speed trans to drop into it to have some fun with and I plan to rebuild the original engine (very seized), as this will be my first engine rebuild...hoping to do some internal modifications to make as much power as I can while still retaining a completely stock appearance when it goes back in. 1972 Magala Red on Fawn (?), sat in a SF warehouse for almost 40 years. All original', no rust whatsoever. I even have a parking ticket from 1984. I plan to drive it back up to that same spot and take a picture...maybe even purposely get a ticket if I can afford one, just for a laugh...although I am relatively certain they are no longer $15.


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Bahston (Boston)
Is the central bridge on the boot floor bent? If so, why?
Maybe she was banged in the rear, hard?

Maybe a shade tree mechanic used a pry bar to lever up the gas tank so it could be cleaned out. I could see myself making this mistake.

But my best guess is it was bent over to make space for the ofd fuel pump installation.