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Hey Guys,
I had the pleasure or meeting a few of the forum members last week at Cars and Coffee Irvine. My name is Drew Cuddy and I'm a 25 year old Canadian transplant living between Orange County and Santa Barbara.

As of November 5 I became the proud (2nd) owner of an Atlantik Blue '72 Bavaria. The car is pretty interesting as it is entirely stock, has all of the original papers, and even the original shipping tags from port in Germany. The interior is in near-perfect shape and the engine is running great at 108,000 miles. It's a Milwaukee driven car but has avoided most of the rusting you'd see in most cars from the northern midwest. The seller was a widow and the car had been her late husband's baby for all of the 30+ years he owned it.

I've got a few projects coming up for the car including an exhaust overhaul, new BMW FPS 14x6 wheel install, carburetor tuning, body repair (rust and paint), trunk lock replacement, etc. I'm always looking for suggestions and help so feel free to chime in on me. I'd really love to fully restore her to her original glory!

Here are some pictures of the car:


Luis A.

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Welcome to the board and to E3 ownership Drew! You should post your projects on the E3 section.

That car lived 10 minutes up the road from me. I met Bee (Bud's widow) in February of 2011 and spent a good couple of hours with her learning about her and Bud's life story with the Bav. I wanted to buy the car mostly for the story. But we couldn't come to terms; she had just spent something like $6k+ on brakes and other necessary repairs and was determined to get at least $15k for the car. Then I found a one-owner Taiga 3.0 Si in San Diego...

Old man Bud liked his stickers and the car was thoroughly personalized as you can see below. From the photos I saw on Ebay, the selling entity neutered the car by taking all the adornments off...

Garage where the car lived most of its life:

Did you get all the stuff that was in the trunk?
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Great find. One of my favorite colors. Love the third photo with that aggressive stance.