Auto Trans. wanted low mileage or rebuilt ???


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Does anybody have low mileage or rebuilt auto transmission they are interested in selling???
My friend is looking for one. If it's a rebuild, he's looking for one that is verifiable with paperwork. He's on 3rd trans and was disappointed with last one he bought so is now looking for a really good one. Must be for a 3.0cs that doesn't need mods to bolt in. Preferably a 3 speed. I suspect there might be a bunch of people who switched to a 5 speed who have extras.
Thanks and have a good weekend.


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Raleigh N.C.
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I may be looking to get rid of mine rebuilt 200 miles ago. I just came across a 4 and 5 speed. I'm not sure which one I will go with. Where are you located? zip code? I can check shipping and come up with some kinda price. Maybe a core back to me of one of the bad ones. Also I've got a guy who has done 2 for me so far, much cheaper than a shop will charge. The one he rebuilt for me is a ZF 3hp 12. I can also get my hands on a borg warner auto, and get that rebuilt. Thanks, Tom in Raleigh NC.