DIY Cleaning Foggy Headlights

Do you have foggy headlights from the off gassing of your H1s or H4s?

This is the easiest way to clean the inside of the glass.
Purchase the square end foam detail swabs. 2 links below.

The example here is my 1988 M5.
Remove the grills, remove the headlight bezels.
Unplug the headlight & remove the bulb.

Using the the swabs, polish the fog from the glass. No need for any liquids.

Each headlight may take 20 minutes or more to clean.

The photos are before & after.
Lens covers Clean Grills2:3:18.jpg
City Lights.jpeg
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I took Terry Connors advice and used baking soda and DI water Then used air compressor to get out excess air and used swabs similar to what Andrew recommended, although I did not spend 20 minutes on each light. Also on high beams I was able to get some lint free wipes in to clean them Then replaced with new bulb and they look brand new!