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Ebay-Coupe Parts

dave v. in nc

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North Carolina, USA
ebay parts for sale

A few words of advice on selling to those of us here on the E9 board; please take them in the spirit given;
I dont mean to say that e9 folks know their parts better than other car enthusiasts, but many times we know what parts break where, or design flaws, and where to look for them. I dont know it all by any means, but here are a few thoughts on some of your items...maybe you can update the info to better describe and thus sell your parts.
Its not a door speaker cover, but a piece that is on the left and right of the center console for air flow. You say no cracks, but there are obviously three broken tabs. On the side and top grilles, what is the condition of the attachment pins, or holes; cracks? pieces broken off? Are black ones painted on chrome or originally black. C-pillar roundel holder; is chrome pitted or is that just more drops of water like on the center grille. Or are they dinglets. Dry before you shoot, or describe whats there. Various lights; condition? Cracks, fissuring, fade? Tail lights; lens' faded? Chrome excellant?, foggy?, pitted at all? Do they work? You did catch a crack, and thats what we want to know. $100 isn't bad if they will cleanup to be "9's", but if they are pitted, faded, etc, maybe $20. Quite a difference in this economy. For me anyway. And I am your customer. Good pictures and good descriptions help you and us. Some of the e9 parts are hard to find, but if they are broken or are junk, they are still rare broken junk. Help us by describing what you have, so we can tell the difference. Picky bastards, or educated consumers? Yes....Thanks for the head's up on the sale.


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Olalla, WA
I apologize for the misleading information on some of the parts or lack of information. I have no experience with coupes and therefore explains my ignorance; however, educated customers can identify a good part from a bad one even if there is a little water on them. Thank you for your constructive criticism and I will update my listing as soon as possible.


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Bucks County, PA
A suggestion. How about when any of us have parts to sell we post them here FIRST with photos and accurate descriptions. If we have no idea about how to price them perhaps others can can advise buyer and seller on a fair price.

I say this knowing that fairly soon another coupe owner and I will be selling all kinds of parts from the corpse of a sad 75 CSi that we acquired. We would love to avoid any ebay moments and share the donor parts with other e9ers.

Steve ONeill