Gianni csl (roma italy) wrong behaviour!

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chalkida GREECE
If you have seen The add on the parts section of the forum this is my statement after Gianni's quote that said I am mostly... something like.. crazy!!!

Let me start by saying:
I would never do any harm to any man's reputation even if he had wronged me in any way before giving him a lot of chances to make things right and I would say 10 months time and several emails is called in the best of words a LOT of PATIENCE and kindness!!!

alpine= alpina everyone

So gauges Alpina were not alpina just motormeter Gauges in an unknown non alpina as verified it would be dashmount
+ Spring sports = standard springs welded together to achieve 50mm lowered height.
+ Kit brakes (discs and calipers csi-csl-no 2800)= dicks not used 20000 km as claimed but worn out and needing replacement.

+gear knob Alpina 60 euro with a scratch on the emblem which I knew but when arrived it was broken and badly damaged as Gianni had packed it in an envelope and in the box with the heavy and sharp disk rotors and calipers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also in the deal there were included the a/c panel and leather center console side panels with the black side-grills which never arrived.He said he forgot and sold them to another guy and would find others for me + ship them free of charge because he didn't want to make me sad.

Off course it was a very good buy and off course I gave a very hard bargain and that's why I payed for it and bought it in the first place!!!!!!!!!!

I am going public with this so that the forum and site could take action about a member of e9 coupe that has been very untrue and owes me money and parts from January 2012(10 months now).I have given him time as well as warnings to go public many times in a friendly language and tone but still no actions.The short story is that he sold me a spring set custom made lowered 50mm that was on his car, an alpina console as he said with motormeter gauges, an alpina wooden shift knob , brake calipers pads and disks, the a/c panel and 2 side panels in excellent condition.
Finally what I got was an alpina shift knob ruined by bad packaging along with the heavy and sharp disk rotors(how unthoughtfull??????) !!! Didn't get the a/c panel and side panels as Gianni sold them to someone else and tried to fool me that it wasn't in our agreement, but after showing him previous emails and how many times I had sent a form of the parts included and he agreed he said he had forgoten and that he will find me others and send them to me.Never did!!!About the alpina shift knob he said he would find me another one and send it to me which was never done,Then I bought one and he would refund me and I would send him the broken one but he never did!Also the alpina gauges were not alpina and I had asked him about it many times and he had verified that they were alpina the same many times.The springs were actually standard springs welded together in the middle to achieve lowered height!!!!!!!!!And look what he sent me before my mechanic saw the springs so that I would now what to reply.

I do not want that you are not satisfied with john!

I'm just another knob Alpine I send you, at no cost to you!

first I want to see pictures.

If I find within the next 20 days I send to you knob Alpine Euro 50. for damage you received.

I hope instead that you have appreciated the beauty and rarity hard spring set machined and la jolla !!!! only -30mm
my spring -50mm

Also the brake rotors and pads where in shape for replacement and not used for 20000 km as he had told me.
Now in this whole time he had his first child and then claimed personal issues as he told me that I don't want to reveal and these were keeping him from doing what he owed.
After that, months were passing and I was been patient and every time I remembered it I sent him emails to remind him of the situation he had to take care of.I had also warned him that if I see no actions I will have to go public on the forum.But still only words till finally I got no answers to my emails and had to inform my fellow e9rs.
I have every email saved to prove what exactly and when was said as well as the parts included in the agreement as agreed by both parties several times.

I don't want to insult this forum and site by any means or brake any of its rules.I don't even want a dispute with Gianni I just want to make him pay his dues admit his mistake and be my friend again or if this won't happen at least warn other members of his thesis in resolving bad situations caused by him.Also I will not and clearly don't have to lie or exaggerate about anything due to his bad behaviour from the beginning and our emails that I have kept are here to back me up(I don't only have my memory to prove me right).

Thank you for your time and hope on your support

Nick Karagiannis
Consulting Engineer
Civil Engineer


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I repeat, before speaking activates the brain!

're throwing **** and telling many falsehoods!

person you are exhausted!

I will repeat that if you have problems to gear knob then sends it back to my house and I will give you 60 euros!

vouoi if you play smart and you cheat me wrong road!

I, in this forum, I took many disappointments, but they are big enough to do as the gossipy hairdresser ....

I add ...

I have full confidence in all you do and also an example!!

I almost one year I gave 2000 euro per child of this forum and he troveraà rare item for my csl!!


3 years ago I bought horrible aluminum doors by American boy ....

I took it in the ass, but I was silent!!

I paid 2500 euros for them!

for 60 euro you're breaking my balls and you do not realize that you're being ridiculous and false!!


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chalkida GREECE
let's end this

I want to thank all the members for their support and for their personal experiences with Gianni as it is clear I am not the only one to come across such behavior from Gianni.

Now As a reply to Gianni:

So Gianni, others tell me that you have done this many times in the past so don't try saying that I am wrong as you look worse, please.

The thing is I don't know about you (and thats your buisiness) but I am not used to been cheated and so I can not forget or forgive as I only accept honest people around me and so does this site and forum as I am told.
Your ways and language is my witness in this case not that I like that you look bad, I am sad about that.
The only thing I want is what is owed only as a compromise in order to clear your name.I will leave the faulty or wrongly described parts out to make it easier for you.

That is:

-To refund 60 euro for the badly packaged and broken wooden Alpina shift knob as you saw in the pictures I had sent you.
-And to find and send me as you promised when I didn't receive them as in our deal, the A/C panel with knobs but without the plastic handles + the side leather panels with the vent plastic grilles in very good condition as were yours.If you have forgotten I can send you the picture you had sent me to remember their condition.

I may pay shipping to send the knob back but not for the other stuff off course.

Thats all

I never wanted to insult you Gianni or your name and that is why I chose my words very carefully and didn't reveal anything personal about you.Also that is why I waited for 10 months for you!!!!!!! I am the nice guy here so just do this to clear your name and we are done.I will leave positive feedback on the forum when this ends nicely.

Thank you
and hope this ends in the best possible way Gianni.



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you are a poor man!

continue to throw **** on me!

I am neither stupid nor crook!

do something!

Send me all the way back and you back € 360.00!

that's enough to break my **** with your fantasies ...

I am not a salesman by trade, but the lawyer ..
I urge you not to tell lies and anon put in the middle of other stories of guys in this forum.

if you're not happy with items I sold you then send everything to my house and you'll get your money


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my name in this transaction has been used for evil and you too!

I am not able to sue you for defamation, but you can not continue this atteggaimento!
I work for do not sell spare parts bmw broken and no fun to cheat neither you nor anyone!

for what I ventuto I repeat this to you!

read very carefully!!

the console gauges may be for sale by BMW CAHSEL 02.




BRAKES (CALIPER ROTORS +) have been removed from my csl!

I went with my csl over 220 kmh. with those rotors + calipers.

the spring has been modified by computer Italian and spent 200.00 euros.

Knob Alpine was healthy, not broken!

now play with my name is easy, but you end up with mud on me!

fraud, mandolin, spaghetti ... think of your house before you criticize me as a person!

I have always bought from this forum and I have always paid all friends of this forum ...

I only spent 10,000 on this forum, oo euro parts!!

Alpine wheels in magnesium

csl roof

doors csl
console blaupunk frankfurt + radio

and so much more

-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------
I have always paid all my sellers.

when I sold my few objects have always been available to any solution with my vendors, but to me nobody complained.

perhaps shipments from Italy to America are not very safe and customs intercontinental do some damage ...

But it is not my fault!

now to close this sad story I propose to give back to me all my ****!

caliper x4

front + rear rotors

+ Cahsel-alpine console

-Gauges motormeter x3

Sep spotrs springs used

-Gear knob Alpine

-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

this is the **** that I have given to you for 360.00 euros
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------

just getting my stuff back you'll immediately refund all your money.

otherwise I will think that you want to speculate on my name and you want to extort more money or you want to, as a gift, the second gear knob Alpine!

Another important thing
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------

if you read well, I do not do business with the seller.

are a passionate!
now I have to rebuild my bmw bavaria and e3 are looking for molri parts, some very expensive!!

as you can see my activity from the seller is very poor!!

I buy on this forum, rarely sell!!


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

Send me all the way back and send you on your paypal 360 euros.

sending this letter to you and also the administrator of this forum.

best regards


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chalkida GREECE
As Gianni can't understand what is happening and how serious this is and keeps on playing crazy on me,I would like all the members that have pmed me or not, that have had experiences with Gianni to write about them here if the admins don't have a problem with that or else advise of a section to to this.

kind regards
Nick Karagianis
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