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How many different models were available?


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There were several versions of coupes using the E9 chassis: 2800CS, 3.0CS, 3.0CSi, 3.0CSL and 2500CS. The numbers denote the displacement of the engine (2800=2.8L, 3.0=3.0L, etc) and all cars share the same basic engine (M30) which is a single overhead cam straight six with displacements varying from 2.5 to 3.153 liters not including factory prepared race cars. CS means "Coupe-Sport". The other letters, or lack of letters, indicate what kind of CS it is. A regular CS designation, without any additional letters, uses two down-draft Zenith carbs. A CS with an "i" after it is a fuel injected version, only officially sold outside the US. They run on an analog fuel injection system called D-Jet. A 3.0CSL is a lightweight version of the original coupe, with aluminum doors, hood, and trunk, as well as thinner steel for the rest of the body, manual steering, plexiglass windows, no bumpers, and a special interior. All these factors made the original CSLs weigh in at barely 2500lbs. However, since most customers didn't want a 10k$ car without these things, most CSLs have what is known as the "city pack", which includes just about everything that was removed, but keeps the aluminum trunk and hood, as well as the interior. Even with everything added again, the "city pack" CSL weighs in at about 2800lbs.
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