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Is the car sustainable without investing a mint?


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The mechanicals for the car are still available from BMW or are (for the most part) interchangeable with a later car, with that part still being made by BMW. Unfortunately, the mechanicals are the easy part. If you find a coupe with no drivetrain but a perfect body and interior for less than 15k, you got a deal. The entire drivetrain can be had from wreckers across the world for about $2,000 USD if you utilize used components. Many of interior pieces are almost all no longer available (NLA), so items that need replacing may require a parts car or a very expensive phone call to one of the few E9 wreckers around the world. Body panels are similar. Many body panels now are taken from parts cars, so they can have their share of dings before it ever gets on the car. As long as the body and interior are kept in good condition, the car will run pretty much forever.

The M30 has been known to go for more than 300k miles between rebuilds. Aside from periodic (15k) valve adjustments, the engine is pretty darn bulletproof. Timing chains typically last the life of the engine, and hardly ever need to be replaced.
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