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Hello all,
Unfortunately this big company that specializes in BMW parts is not trustworthy and therefore please proceed with precaution.
A forum friend asked if I could order him some parts which show as available. I even called them to reconfirm (which normally shouldn’t be necessary at all) and the cocky lady on the other end states, “if it shows as available then it is, no need to call to confirm”.
So, having double checked the member sends the money via PayPal to me, (taking the PayPal charges in his stride), I order the parts and send the money only to find out 3 days later that they sent the money back without any notice nor comment what so ever. 2 hotline phone calls with over 15 mins waiting time end up as cancelled. Upon my inquiring as to the problem via email, they send a short and impersonal message, part is not available and won’t be in the future.
And now the best part..... 48hrs later, parts are still showing as available inspite of them acknowledging that they are NLA.
As we can deduce, regardless of whether the part shows as available, there is no way to confirm that prior to buying/ paying for it first. For those who pay PayPal surcharges, this is a no go situation.



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Unfortunately I think this is quite common with parts suppliers. I have had the same issue with ECS Tuning, which is of little surprise to most BMW veterans that have watched their rise-to-power.