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Not a CS but a pretty cool time capsule e12 on BAT!


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Victoria, BC canada
Not my car, but I was asked by the seller to have a look at it before it went up for sale. A 1975 European spec e12 520i with only 8k miles on it from new. The 520i is a model we didn't get in North America but it has an engine set up that is familiar to BMW enthusiasts with the 4-cylinder Kugelfischer manual injection system that was used in the 2002Tii. I was nervous to sit in and drive it but what a blast once I got past the first shift! It was like stepping back in time and taking a dealer demo car out for a spin in 1975. It makes me wonder if there any time capsule e9's out there?


Gary Knox

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Intellesting!!, quoting again from Laugh In. Getting Euro parts might be a challenge.

Lots of money for a car that in my opinion will depreciate very rapidly if driven very much.