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Parts Assortment


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Clearing out a few parts:

All pictures here, some items not yet pictured: https://photos.app.goo.gl/aPrL3L2SKRa2wXDX6
  • Upper dash very good condition except one very small circular crack, very minor cracking near the vent area, and the passenger side tip/end is broken off and missing (last 1/2-3/4"): $800 (+$100 shipped)
  • Full set of NOS OEM BMW brake caliper rebuild kits (2x front, 2x rear). These are the basic kits without pistons: $100 shipped
  • Left and right silver fender grills, both cracked at one screw mount point, worn finish, easily fixable: $25/pair shipped
  • NOS, never mounted, headlight bucket. Showing some very minor age from being in storage for 20+ years, and one of the chrome rings was bent, likely can be bent back as there is no kinks. Still a little dirty, but would clean up almost like new: $110 shipped
  • Driver side mirror with broken/missing retainer trim in pieces. Finish is driver level if repaired, probably better as parts: $15 shipped
  • NOS OEM Brass license plate frame, probably mid 1980's: $40 shipped
  • 3x OEM wheel center caps, worn condition: $25 for all shipped
  • 4x center window switches from a '73. Work, but chrome trim is starting to wrinkle/crack a little. One has a small flake of the chrome missing: $40 for all shipped
  • Toolkit box (no tools). Small cracked off rear corner, one front mounting tab was cracked and repaired. Insert is in great shape, top foam needs to be replaced: SOLD
  • OEM BMW tape cleaner kit, probably from an e24: SOLD
  • CS badge: SOLD
  • Left and right NOS OEM black hood grills, still in original bag: SOLD
  • Left and right NOS OEM black fender grills, still in original bag: SOLD
  • 5 slat silver kidney grill, decent condition except for one dent: SOLD
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