parts wanted, any help/ leads appreciated


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Hello everyone,
I want to first off say that I am impressed with the knowledge and passion that is evident in these forums!! Everyone on here is very cool.
I was going to sell this e9 that I got earlier this summer, but lack of interest in the car and what I needed to get out of it was too much.
So, I this is what i have decided to do....
first, make my car complete and running.
second, have some fun with it.
third, restore this car to a respectable level.
Let me introduce myself. Huge car junky, grew up at a mercedes/bmw/porsche/saab/mazda/vw dealership. (I know I am very lucky)
I was the lot kid, the salesman, the new car manager, now I am a used car manager for a large mostly domestic auto group here in milwaukee.
I am very passionate about my cars, and now I am hooked on getting this e9 on the road!!
So with that being said, this is what I need.
The car was stored in a garage in CA, and vandals broke in and stole all the valuable items on the car.

my vin is 2262540 ceylon gold/ black door cards/ tan euro cloth
the car is white now. :confused:
the following items I am looking for in the order I need them.
I just finished re-wiring the whole car.

1. Front seats- shipped to 53209 (they don't need to be nice, I will recover the seats if need be. ) with rails

2. Beltline trim the whole way around the car. front included

3. front and rear roundels.

4. rear 3.0 csi script

5. front dome light

6. proper steering wheel ( I have no idea what one it should be)

7. rear bumper brackets also

Please let me know a price and approx. shipping cost.
I would love to make a package deal with someone!!
Thanks in advance,
Mario Sanfilippo

Milwuakee, WI


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New Orleans, LA
Try carl nelson, coupeking, coupeguy, and Double 02 salvage, many members here will also have parts to offer, some of those items can be found on ebay too.