Show in Montral,Canada?

Discussion in 'Event Calendar' started by Koopman, May 27, 2017.

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    Hi guys. Did I read somewhere that there is a BMW Show or event in Montreal in August.If so need any info anyone might have.
    Thanks in Advance
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    Brunswick, Maine
    There's TedFest near Toronto August 12th.

    Happy New year everyone. Registration is now open and planning is under way for the 13th year of Tedfest. Last year's event was a huge success with 185 cars attending. I could not get the site for June or July around that long weekend so Tedfest will be on Saturday August 12th from 11am till 4pm. It will be held at the Bradley House which is 3 minutes south of my house and 5 minutes from the Admiral Inn which is the host hotel. It is a bigger site with more trees and a short walk to the lake. Friday is car wash day at my house with pizza and beer for dinner. Saturday is the Show and Shine and then back to my house for the evening BBQ. The pizza,beer,Show and Shine and BBQ is again free this year with great thanks to our sponsors. As of June 1st, 2009 the Americans will need a US Passport to get into Canada and to get back over. Information link is attached. Bring your lawn chairs,camera's and be prepared for some Good Ole Canadian hospitality. We have you covered with the lawn chairs if you are flying in. [​IMG] The Tedfest Team is looking forward to seeing everyone again.

    All the info on the website is the same. Pictures from past years are at the link below.
    viewtopic.php?t=107073&highlight=tedfest+2012 OR

    You can register here at

    Yours Truly. The Tedfest Team

    Host Hotel.

    Bradley Museum.

    Passport info. ... border.htm

    Local weather.

    My personal info.
    Ted Kalman
    1837 Medallion Court

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