SOLD ---1971 3.2L BMW 2800CS plus 3.5L M30B35 engine for sale in North Carolina


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This wonderful CS has been in our family and enjoyed since 1981 and it is now for sale. It’s in great condition mechanically, structurally, and cosmetically having been well maintained and sheltered from the elements. It is in unmolested shape with several desirable options like 5-speed transmission, CSL vented disc brakes front and rear, updated suspension, and a 3.2L engine. It was painted in the early 80’s so there is no rust that is hidden by fresh paint. It’s a great car that I am sad to sell but I just don’t have the time or space to keep it.

I also have a M30B35 3.5L engine from a 1989 735iL with some D-Jetronic intake parts that I had planned to install but, like I said, I just don’t have the time or space.

This is also listed on the with more details and pictures.

I apologize for the reflections in the pictures. It’s difficult to photograph such pretty paint outdoors.

$35,000 for the 2800CS and $1,500 for a 3.5L M30B35 engine (with D-Jetronic intake manifold).

Please send text to 919-787-7397 to set up phone conversation and a drive if interested. Don’t call first as voice calls might be blocked if I don’t already have your number.


1971 2800CS, 91,385 miles

Single family ownership since 1981

Complete, beautiful, solid, and dependable.

Repainted Tundra metallic in early ’80s and garaged and covered since

Excellent paint and leather interior, no rips or excessive wear

3.2L (733i factory replacement long block installed in early 80s)

Dual Weber 32/36 DGV w/electric chokes

5 speed overdrive transmission, originally an auto

Vented CSL disk brakes front and rear

Hardy and Beck 16” staggered width 3-piece wheels ($900 each retail today)

Front and rear sway bars, rear adjustable

Bilstein dampers

Slightly stiffer springs

BMW Motorsport steering wheel

Has an Alpina emblem on rear but it is, of course, not an Alpina

R134a AC cools well but has a compressor leak now

Radiator replaced, fan shroud added. Does not overheat under any driving conditions.

The tires (205/55R16 front and 225/50R16 rear) are old but otherwise car is ready to drive.

Brakes, wheel bearings, CV joints, locks, lower control arms, etc. either rebuilt, replaced, lubed, or cleaned

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Wow very reasonable.

Helps to have more pics.

Underside, spare tire well, behind glove box and fuse areas, etc.

Good luck!


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FYI - I just sent this to someone looking for a
driver in this range. Your car looks lovely!
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